Adjectives starting with za
    zaftighaving a full, rounded figure
    (used to describe a woman)
    zanyamusingly strange and silly
    zazzyshiny or flashy
    Adjectives starting with ze
    zealousfull of enthusiasm
    zebrinepertaining to, or resembling, the zebra
    zestfullively and enjoyable
    zestylively and pleasing
    zeteticproceeding by inquiry
    Adjectives starting with Zi
    zigzaghaving a series of sharp turns or angles in alternate directions
    zippyfull of energy
    Adjectives starting with Zo
    zodiacalof or pertaining to the zodiac
    zoeticof or pertaining to life
    zoicof or relating to animals or animal life
    zonalof or relating to a zone
    zonkedvery tired or exhausted or under the influence of alcohol/drugs
    zoogeniccaused by or having origin in animals
    zoologicalof, related to or pertaining to animals
    zoomorphichaving or representing animal forms
    zoophagousfeeding on animals
    zoroastrianof or pertaining to Zoroaster, or his religious system
    Adjectives starting with Zy
    zymicpertaining to, or produced by, fermentation
    zymoticof or relating to or causing fermentation.
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