Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with w-a
wacky  silly
wakeful  not sleeping
wan  pale
wanting  unsatisfactory
wanton  sexually indiscriminate
warlike  hostile
warm  showing kindness and friendliness
warm-hearted  having a kind and sympathetic nature
wary  cautious
waspish  of wasps
wasteful  extravagant
watchful  observing closely
waterproof  impervious to water
watery  relating to or containing water
wavy  repeatedly curving
waxen  pale and unhealthy-looking
waxy  like wax
wayward  uncontrollably independent
Adjectives that start with w-e
weak  not strong or fit
wealthy  rich
wearisome  tiring
weary  tired
weatherproof  able to withstand bad weather
wee  tiny
weekly  happening once each week
weighty  heavy
weird  odd
welcome  admitted gladly
well  in good health
well-balanced  stable
well-behaved  behaving in a polite way
wellborn  coming from a noble, respected, or wealthy family
well-bred  having good manners
well-built  physically strong
well-connected  having influential and powerful friends or relatives
well-dressed  wearing fashionable clothes
well-endowed  having attractive private parts
well-groomed  neat in appearance
well-grounded  having essential knowledge
well-heeled  wealthy
well-informed  having detailed and varied knowledge
well-intentioned  trying to help, but actually making things worse
well-known  familiar to many people
well-liked  likes by many people
well-mannered  having good manners
well-meaning  trying to help, but actually making things worse
well-off  wealthy
well-placed  having influential and powerful friends or relatives
well-read  having gained vast knowledge by reading
well-rounded  having abilities, education and experience in many fields
well-set  physically strong
well-spoken  speaking appropriately
west  in west
westerly  in west
western  in west
wet  soaked with water

Adjectives that start with w-h
whimsical  unpredictable
white  snow-colored
white-haired  with white hair
whole  entire
wholesale  of trade in quantity
wholesome  health-giving
whopping  big
Adjectives that start with w-i
wicked  evil
wide  with sides or edges far apart
widespread  common
wifely  of wife
wiggly  making wiggling movements
wild  not tame or domesticated
wild  having no regard for rules or conventions
willful  deliberate
willing  ready to do something voluntarily
willowy  graceful
wily  crafty
windy  with wind blowing
windy  full of empty words
winsome  charming
wintry  relating to winter
wiry  slim but strong
wise  knowing much from experience
wishful  wanting something
wistful  pensive and sad
witty  using words cleverly

Adjectives that start with w-o
wobbly  unsteady
woebegone  sorrowful
woeful  unhappy
womanly  characteristic of mature women
wonder  extraordinarily good
wonderful  outstanding
wondrous  exciting wonder
wont  accustomed to something
wooden  made of wood
woolen  made from wool
woolly  made of wool
woozy  weak and dizzy
wordy  using too many words
workable  able to be done
working  functioning
workmanlike  satisfactory but not original
worldly  having practical life experience
worldwide  relating to whole world
wormy  infested by worms
worrisome  causing worry
worse  less good than something else
worshipful  showing worship
worst  least good
worth  equal to particular amount
worthless  having no value
worthwhile  sufficiently rewarding to take time for
worthy  deserving
would-be  hoping to do or be something
Adjectives that start with w-r
wretched  unhappy or ill
wrong  incorrect
wrongful  unlawful
wry  amusing and ironic
Adjectives starting with