Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with v-a
vacant  without occupant
vacuous  inane
vagabond  unpredictable
vagrant  homeless
vague  not explicit
vain  excessively proud
valiant  courageous
valid  unexpired
valuable  worth great deal of money
valueless  worthless
variable  able to change
varicolored  with many colors
varied  diverse
various  of different kinds
vascular  of fluid-carrying vessels
vast  very great in size or amount
Adjectives that start with v-e
vehement  with conviction
vehicular  of or for vehicles
velvety  feeling like velvet
venerable  worthy of respect
venereal  passed on through sex
venetian  of Venice
vengeful  wanting revenge
venturesome  adventurous
verbal  using words as opposed to pictures
verdant  with lush green growth
veridical  truthful
veritable  absolute
vernal  in spring
versatile  having many talents ot skills
vertical  at right angle to horizon
very  extreme
vesicular  relating to vesicles
veterinary  relating to animal disease
vexatious  causing trouble

Adjectives that start with v-i
viable  practicable or worthwhile
vibrant  energetic
vicarious  experienced through another by imagining
vicious  ferocious and violent
victorian  characteristic of time of Queen Victoria
victorious  winning
vietnamese  of Vietnam
vigilant  watchful
vigorous  very healthy
vile  disgusting
villainous  wicked
vindictive  vengeful
violent  using physical force
virgin  pure
virile  masculine
virtual  being something in practice
virtuous  with moral integrity
virulent  very poisonous
visceral  instinctual
viscoelastic  viscous and elastic
viscous  thick and sticky
visible  able to be seen
visual  of vision
vital  crucial
vitriolic  expressing bitter hatred
vivacious  lively and high-spirited
vivid  very bright
Adjectives that start with v-o
vocal  spoken
vocalic  relating to vowels
vocational  relating to job or career skills
vociferous  shouting noisily
voiceless  saying nothing
void  not legally valid
volatile  unstable and potentially dangerous
volcanic  of volcanoes
voltaic  producing electric current
voluble  talking great deal
volumetric  using volume measurement
voluminous  large
voluntary  of free will
voluptuous  sensual
voracious  very hungry
votive  fulfilling vow
Adjectives that start with v-u
vulgar  crude or indecent
vulnerable  without adequate protection
vulpine  typical of fox
Adjectives starting with