Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with u-b
ubiquitous  existing everywhere
Adjectives that start with u-g
ugly  unattractive
Adjectives that start with u-k
ukrainian  somebody from Ukraine
Adjectives that start with u-l
ultimate  final
ultra  extreme
ultramarine  deep blue
ultramodern  extremely modern
ultrasonic  high in frequency
ultraviolet  relating to invisible light
Adjectives that start with u-n
unabated  just as forceful
unable  not able
unaccompanied  alone
unaccountable  not answerable
unaccustomed  not accustomed
unacquainted  unfamiliar
unadulterated  pure
unadvised  without careful consideration
unalloyed  in pure state
unambiguous  not ambiguous
unanimous  agreed on by everyone
unarmed  without weapons
unasked  not asked
unattached  without spouse or partner
unattended  with no one there
unattractive  not good-looking
unavailing  useless
unavoidable  impossible to avoid
unaware  not aware
unbearable  impossible to tolerate
unbecoming  not flattering
unbelievable  implausible
unbelieving  skeptical
unbiased  not biased
unbidden  spontaneous
unblushing  not ashamed
unborn  not born yet
unbounded  not restrained
unbroken  without gaps
uncalled  unjustified
uncanny  eerie
unceasing  never stopping
uncertain  without knowledge
uncharted  not mapped
unchecked  not curbed
unchristian  uncharitable
uncivil  rude
unclean  dirty
uncluttered  not cluttered
uncolored  not colored
uncomfortable  not physically comfortable
uncommitted  with no sense of commitment
uncommon  rare
uncommunicative  not saying much
uncompromising  not compromising or giving in
unconcerned  not anxious
unconditional  with no conditions or limitations
unconditioned  without conditions
unconnected  not connected
unconscionable  morally unacceptable
unconscious  experiencing loss of senses
unconstitutional  contrary to constitution
uncontrollable  too strong to suppress
unconventional  different from norm
uncounted  innumerable
uncovered  with no covering
uncritical  undiscriminating
unctuous  oily; excessively flattering
undaunted  not frightened
undeclared  not stated
undemocratic  not democratic
undeniable  beyond question
under  subservient
undercover  secretly gathering information
underdeveloped  not fully grown
undergraduate  student studying for first degree
underground  beneath Earth's surface
underhanded  secret and dishonest
underlying  lying underneath
underprivileged  denied social privileges and rights
undersea  relating to area below ocean surface
undersize  smaller than usual
undersized  smaller than usual
understandable  able to be understood
understanding  sympathetically aware
understood  taken into account
underwater  below water surface
undeserved  not deserved
undesirable  not wanted
undetermined  not settled
undigested  not digested
undisguised  expressed
undistinguished  mediocre
undisturbed  not interrupted
undue  excessive or very inappropriate
undying  without end
unearned  not gained by work
uneasy  anxious
uneconomic  not making profit
uneducated  not educated
unemotional  showing no feeling
unemployed  jobless
unending  continuing forever
unendurable  impossible to bear
unenthusiastic  not enthusiastic
unenviable  unpleasant or difficult
unequal  not measurably same
unequaled  unparalleled
unerring  accurate
uneven  not level
unexpected  surprising
unfailing  limitless
unfair  not just
unfaithful  adulterous
unfamiliar  not previously known
unfathomable  impossible to measure
unfavorable  disapproving
unfettered  not restricted
unfinished  not completed
unfit  unsuitable
unfitting  unsuitable
unflagging  remaining strong
unflattering  not flattering
unforeseen  unanticipated
unforgettable  never to be forgotten
unforgivable  incapable of being forgiven
unformed  with no real shape
unfortunate  unlucky
unfounded  not supported by evidence
unfriendly  hostile
unfulfilled  not realized
unfunny  not funny
ungainly  lacking grace
unglued  separated
ungodly  not revering God
ungracious  ill-mannered
ungrateful  not appreciative
unhappy  sad
unhealthy  sick
unheard  not heard
unheated  not heated
unheeded  not heeded
unhurried  relaxed
unhurt  not injured
unidentified  unable to be named
unidirectional  in one direction
uniform  unchanging
unilateral  decided by one party
unimaginable  beyond imagination
unimaginative  unable to think of new ideas
unimpaired  not damaged
unimpeachable  impossible to discredit
unimportant  of no significance
unimpressed  not favorably impressed
unimproved  not made better
uninhibited  unrestrained
uninitiated  without knowledge of subject
uninjured  not injured
unintelligible  impossible to understand
uninterested  not interested
uninteresting  not interesting
uninterrupted  with no break
uninvited  not invited
uninvolved  not taking part
unique  only one
unitarian  supporter of unity
united  combined into one
univalent  remaining unpaired during cell division
universal  relating to whole world
unjust  not just or fair
unjustifiable  impossible to justify
unjustified  having no acceptable justification
unkempt  needing grooming
unkind  lacking kindness
unknowing  unaware
unknown  not known
unlawful  illegal
unleavened  made without raising agent
unlicensed  having no license
unlikely  improbable
unlimited  not restricted
unlined  having no lines
unlovely  not beautiful
unlucky  having bad luck
unmanageable  difficult to control
unmarked  without mark
unmarried  not married
unmatched  not matching
unmated  having no mate
unmistakable  impossible to mistake
unmoved  not affected emotionally
unnameable  impossible to name
unnamed  not mentioned by name
unnatural  contrary to expected behavior
unnecessary  gratuitous
unnoticed  without being observed
unnumbered  lacking identifying number
unobtrusive  inconspicuous
unoccupied  not in use
unofficial  unauthorized
unorthodox  unconventional
unpaid  not yet settled
unpaired  not belonging to pair
unparalleled  having no equal
unpleasant  not pleasing
unplowed  not plowed
unplumbed  not fully examined
unpopular  not liked
unprecedented  lacking precedent
unpredictable  difficult to predict
unpremeditated  not planned
unprepared  unready
unpretentious  natural and modest
unproductive  fruitless
unprofessional  contrary to professional standards
unprofitable  making no profit
unpromising  unlikely to succeed
unprotected  having no protection from harm
unqualified  lacking required qualifications
unquestionable  impossible to doubt
unquiet  noisy or turbulent
unready  unavailable
unreal  not existing
unreasonable  not subject to reason
unreasoning  not having sound reasoning
unreconstructed  clinging to outdated beliefs
unreflective  not given to reflection
unrelenting  determined and unyielding
unreliable  not trustworthy
unremarkable  unexceptional
unremitting  constant
unrequited  not reciprocated
unrifled  having no grooves cut in barrel
unripe  not ripe
unruffled  calm and poised
unruly  difficult to control
unsaid  not mentioned
unsatisfactory  not satisfactory
unsaturated  able to continue to dissolve
unsavory  distasteful
unscathed  unhurt or undamaged
unscientific  not scientific in method or principle
unscrupulous  having no moral values
unseasonable  unusual for time of year
unseemly  not in good taste
unseen  not seen
unselfish  not selfish
unshakable  firm and certain
unsightly  ugly
unsigned  lacking signature
unskilled  not requiring special skills
unsmiling  not smiling
unsold  not sold
unsophisticated  not worldly or sophisticated
unspeakable  extremely bad or awful
unspoken  not mentioned
unstable  not fixed
unsteady  not fixed
unstressed  not accented
unstructured  not organized into hierarchy
unstuck  freed from being stuck
unsuccessful  not resulting in success
unsuitable  inappropriate
unsung  not praised or honored
unsupportable  indefensible
unsure  uncertain
unsuspecting  not suspecting
untenable  not defendable
unthinkable  out of question
unthinking  inconsiderate
untidy  not neat
untimely  occurring at bad time
untold  indescribable or uncountable
untouched  uninjured
untoward  inappropriate
untrammeled  unrestrained
untrue  wrong or false
unused  not used
unusual  remarkable
unwarrantable  unjustifiable
unwarranted  unjustified
unwholesome  unhealthy
unwieldy  not easy to handle
unwilling  not willing
unwise  lacking wisdom
unwitting  unknowing
unworkable  not practical
unworn  not worn
unworthy  undeserving
unwritten  accepted through tradition
unyielding  stubborn

Adjectives that start with u-p
upbeat  optimistic
upcoming  forthcoming
uphill  going higher on slope
upland  high or inland
upper  higher
uppermost  highest
uppity  presumptuous
upright  having honorable manners
upriver  upstream
upset  distressed
upstanding  virtuous
upstream  located nearer source
uptight  tense
uptown  condescending
upward  going toward
Adjectives that start with u-r
urban  of city
urbane  sophisticated
urgent  requiring immediate action
urinary  involving urine
Adjectives that start with u-s
usable  fit for use
useable  fit for use
used  previously owned
useful  serving purpose
useless  unusable
usual  typical or normal
Adjectives that start with u-t
utilitarian  believing value lies in usefulness
utmost  of greatest degree
utopian  admirable but impracticable
utter  absolute or total
uttermost  of greatest degree
Adjectives starting with