Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with t a
taboo  socially or culturally prohibited
tacit  implied but not expressed
taciturn  habitually speaking little
tacky  slightly sticky
tactful  characterized by tact
tactical  of tactics
tactile  of touch
tactual  tactile
talented  having natural ability
talkative  inclined to excessive talking
talky  containing too much dialogue
tall  very high
tame  no longer wild
tan  suntan
tangent  line or surface that touches another
tangential  almost irrelevant
tangible  able to be touched
tantamount  the same as
tardy  late
tart  sharp-tasting
tasteful  showing good taste
tasteless  without flavor
tasty  having pleasant flavor
taut  stretched tightly
tawdry  gaudy and of poor quality
tawny  orangey brown

Adjectives that start with t e
tearful  sad
technical  relating to industry or applied science
tedious  boring
teenage  aged between 13 and 19
teensy  tiny
teeny  tiny
telegraphic  concise
teleological  of teleology
telescopic  enlarging
telling  effective
temperate  mild
temporal  relating to time
temporary  having limited duration
tenable  with reasonable supporting arguments
tenacious  determined
tender  physically painful
tenebrous  dark
tense  worried and nervous
tensile  relating to tension
tentative  uncertain
tenuous  weak and unconvincing
tepid  lukewarm
terminal  causing death
terrestrial  relating to Earth
terrible  very unpleasant
terrific  very great
territorial  relating to owned land
terse  abrupt
tertiary  third
testimonial  of testimony or testimonial
testy  impatient or irritable
teutonic  stereotypically Germanic
textile  fabric
textual  concerning the way something is written

Adjectives that start with t h
thankful  feeling gratitude
thankless  unappreciated
theatergoing  attending theater
theatrical  relating to theater
thematic  relating to theme
then  being at that time
theological  about theology
theoretical  based on theory
therapeutic  used in treating disease
thermal  involving heat
thermodynamic  of thermodynamics
thermoelectric  relating to temperature and electricity
thermonuclear  of nuclear fusion
thick  deep or broad
thin  shallow or narrow
thinner  liquid diluting paint
thirsty  needing liquid
thorny  problematic
thorough  extremely careful
thoroughgoing  thoroughly done
thoughtful  considerate
thoughtless  inconsiderate
threadbare  worn away to reveal threads
threatening  expressing threat
threefold  consisting of three
thrifty  careful with money and resources
thrilling  very exciting
throaty  husky-sounding
thundering  great
thunderous  very loud
Adjectives that start with t i
tibetan  somebody from Tibet
tidal  of tides
tidy  neat in appearance
tight  snug
tightfisted  stingy
timeless  unchanged
timely  occurring at good time
timeworn  having deteriorated through long use
timid  unassertive
tiny  small
tipsy  drunk
tired  needing rest
tireless  having lot of energy
tiresome  annoying or causing fatigue
titanic  very large or strong
titular  in name only
Adjectives that start with t o
toilsome  needing hard work
token  existing as gesture only
tolerable  capable of being tolerated
tolerant  accepting different views
tonal  relating to tone
toneless  expressionless
toothsome  delicious
top  uppermost or highest
topical  of current interest
topmost  highest
tops  ranked highest
torpid  sluggish
tortuous  twisting and winding
total  overall
totalitarian  centralized and dictatorial
touching  causing emotions
touchy  sensitive
tough  difficult
tough  strong and resolute
towering  high or tall
toxic  involving something poisonous
Adjectives that start with t r
trackless  lacking paths
traditional  of tradition
tragic  deeply sad
tranquil  free from commotion
transatlantic  crossing Atlantic
transcendent  better
transcendental  not experienced but knowable
transcultural  across cultures
transient  short in duration
translucent  letting light through diffusely
transmissible  transmittable
transoceanic  crossing ocean
transparent  easily seen through
transparent  open and frank
transverse  crosswise
trashy  cheap
traumatic  extremely distressing
treacherous  traitorous
treasonable  relating to treason
treble  triple
tremendous  very great
trenchant  incisive
triangular  of triangle
tricky  problematic
trigonal  triangular
trim  fit
tripartite  involving 3 parties
triple  having 3 parts
trite  overused
triumphant  full of pride at victory
trivial  having little value
tropical  typical of tropics
troubled  anxious or upset
troublesome  difficult to do or work out
truant  absent
truculent  aggressively defiant
true  real or correct
trusting  tending to trust
trustworthy  reliable
truthful  honest
trying  stressful
Adjectives that start with t u
tubular  tube-shaped
tumultuous  noisy and unrestrained
tuneful  melodious
turbulent  moving violently
turkish  of Turkey
Adjectives that start with t w
tweedy  casual and informal
twofold  double
Adjectives that start with t y
typical  representative
typographic  of printed characters
tyrannical  ruling unjustly
Adjectives starting with