Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with s a
sable  of black color
sacral  of sacrum
sacred  devoted to deity
sacrificial  used in sacrifice
sacrosanct  sacred
sad  unhappy
safe  not dangerous
safekeeping  keeping something safe
sagacious  wise
salable  suitable for selling
salacious  appealing to sexual desire
salient  noticeable or striking
saline  containing salt
salivary  relating to saliva
sallow  unnaturally yellow
salty  tasting of salt
salubrious  good for health
salutary  useful
same  identical
sanctimonious  holier-than-thou
sandy  full of sand
sane  mentally balanced
sanguineous  containing blood
sanitary  connected with public health
sappy  full of sap
sarcastic  mocking
sardonic  disdainfully mocking
sassy  disrespectful
satiric  of satire
satirical  of satire
satisfactory  adequate
saucy  rude in a funny and playful way
savory  appetizing

Adjectives that start with s c
scabrous  with rough surface
scalar  with magnitude but not direction
scandalous  shocking
scant  inadequate
scanty  inadequate
scarce  insufficient
scared  frightened
scary  frightening
scattered  dispersed
scenic  picturesque
schematic  showing layout
schizophrenic  of schizophrenia
scholarly  learned
scholastic  of schools or studying
scientific  of science
scintillating  dazzlingly impressive
sclerotic  of plant cell wall hardening
scoreless  showing no score
scornful  contemptuous
scottish  of Scotland
scraggly  messy
scratchy  itchy
scrawny  very thin
scrumptious  delightful or delicious
scrupulous  having moral integrity
scurrilous  abusive or defamatory
Adjectives that start with s e
seafaring  regularly going to sea
seamless  without seams
seasonal  dependent on season
second  coming after first
secondary  not primary or major
secret  not widely known
secretive  keeping information secret
sectarian  of religious group
secular  not concerned with religion
secure  firmly fixed
sedate  unhurried
sedentary  involving sitting
sedimentary  forming in liquid
seditious  involving sedition
seductive  sexually enticing
seeming  appearing to exist
seemly  suitable and correct
seismic  relating to earthquakes
select  of good quality
selective  discerning
self-effacing  modest and reserved
selfish  looking after own desires
selfless  thinking of others first
semantic  relating to word meanings
semiarid  very dry
semiautomatic  reloading automatically
seminal  influential
semisecret  supposedly secret
senatorial  of senators or senate
senile  mentally less acute in later life
sensational  outstanding
senseless  with no apparent purpose
sensible  showing good sense
sensitive  easily upset
sensory  relating to sensation
sensual  carnal
sensuous  of sense stimulation
sentient  conscious
sentimental  mawkish in feeling
separable  capable of being parted
separate  apart
septic  poisoned
serene  calm and untroubled
serial  in series
serious  very bad
serious  thoughtful and quiet in manner
serious  dedicated and devoted
serviceable  made to wear well
servile  too obedient
severe  harsh

Adjectives that start with s h
shabby  worn and threadbare
shadowy  full of shadows
shady  having shade
shady  dishonest
shaggy  long and tangled
shaky  trembling
shallow  not deep
shameful  disgraceful or scandalous
shapeless  lacking precise shape
shapely  visually appealing
sharp  smart and quick to understand
shatterproof  shatter resistant
sheer  complete and utter
shiftless  lacking ambition
shifty  untrustworthy
shiny  bright and polished
shipshape  being in good order
shivery  trembling
shocking  distressing
shoddy  poorly made
shopworn  damaged in shop
short  not long
short-sighted  for short term only
showy  impressive
shrewd  good at judging people or situations
shrewish  quarrelsome
shrill  penetratingly high-pitched
shut  secured
shy  uncomfortable with others
Adjectives that start with s i
siamese  providing two-to-one connection
sibilant  pronounced with hissing sound
sick  ill
sickly  often ill
side  perimeter of figure
sidelong  to side
sideways  to side
significant  meaningful
silent  utterly quiet
silken  made of silk
silky  looking or feeling like silk
silly  foolish
silver  made of silver
silvery  like silver
similar  alike
simple  easy
simple  plain and old-fashioned
simple  not very intelligent
simplistic  simplifying too much
simultaneous  at same time
sincere  honest and open
sinewy  thin and strong
sinful  committing or characterized by sin
single  one
single  an unmarried person
singular  exceptional
sinister  suggesting evil
sinuous  supple and graceful
sizable  large
Adjectives that start with s k
skeletal  of skeleton
skeptical  doubtful
skillful  particularly adept at something
skimpy  hardly adequate
skinny  very thin
Adjectives that start with s l
slack  not tight
slavic  of Slavic languages or people
slavish  servile
sleek  smooth and shiny
sleepless  lacking sleep
sleepy  drowsy
slender  slim
slenderer  slim
slick  slippery
slick  clever in a dishonest way
slight  very small
slim  pleasingly thin
slimy  like slime
slippery  causing sliding
sloppy  messy
slothful  lazy
slow  not fast
sluggish  moving slowly and lazily
sly  crafty
Adjectives that start with s m
small  little
smart  clever
smelly  with strong smell
smoky  filled with smoke
smooth  not rough or bumpy
smug  self-satisfied
Adjectives that start with s n
snappy  stylish
snazzy  stylish and attractive
sneaky  underhanded
snippy  sharp-tongued
snobbish  acting like snob
snowy  like snow
snug  cozy
Adjectives that start with s o
soapy  with soap
sober  not drunk
socal  of southern California
sociable  natually mingling with other people
social  relating to society
socialist  advocating socialism
socioeconomic  economic and social
sociological  study of society
sodden  thoroughly wet
soft  malleable
soggy  thoroughly wet
solar  from Sun
sole  only
solemn  earnest
solicitous  concerned
solid  not soft or yielding
solitary  preferring to be alone
soluble  dissolving
somatic  affecting body as distinct from mind
somber  dark and gloomy
somnolent  sleepy
songful  tuneful
sonic  relating to sound or sound waves
sonorous  producing sound
sophisticated  knowledgeable and cultured
sopping  soaking
sordid  nasty
sore  painful
sorrel  reddish brown
sorry  apologetic
soulful  emotional
sound  sensible
sounding  resonant
soundproof  impenetrable to noise
sour  sharp-tasting
south  Southin south
southbound  going south
southeast  South·eastin southeast
southeastern  in southeast
southern  in south
southward  in south
southwestern  in southwest
sovereign  independent
soviet  typical of U.S.S.R.
Adjectives that start with s p
spacious  roomy
spanish  relating to Spain
spare  kept in reserve
sparkling  reflecting glittering light
sparse  scant
spatial  relating to space
spavined  with spavin
special  unusual and better
specific  precise
specious  apparently true but actually false
spectacular  visually impressive
spectral  ghostly
speculative  using incomplete information
speechless  temporarily unable to speak
speedy  fast
spencerian  with ornate handwritten letters
spherical  round
spicy  seasoned with spice
spidery  thin and irregular
spiffy  neat, stylish and attractive
spiky  with one or several spikes
spineless  weak and cowardly
spirited  lively
spiritual  religious
spiteful  vindictive in petty way
splashy  attracting notice
splendid  magnificent
splenetic  very angry
spongy  open-textured
spontaneous  natural in a fun way
spooky  strange and frightening
sporadic  occurring irregularly
sporting  used in sports
spotless  perfect
spotted  with spots
spotty  inconsistent
sprightly  full of life and energy
spurious  not genuine
Adjectives that start with s q
squalid  neglected and dirty
square  shaped like square
squashy  easily squashed
squat  short and solid
squeaky  tending to squeak
squeamish  easily made to feel sick
Adjectives that start with s t
stable  not changing
staggering  amazing
stagnant  still and unmoving
stainless  resistant to rust
stale  kept too long
stalwart  dependable
staminate  with stamens
stanch  loyal
standard  normal
standby  held in reserve
standing  upright
starboard  on right-hand side
starchy  containing starch
stark  forbiddingly bare and plain
startling  surprising or alarming
stateless  having no nationality
stately  impressively weighty and dignified
statewide  affecting entire state
static  motionless
stationary  not moving
statuesque  attractive in stately way
statutory  controlled by statute
staunch  loyal
steadfast  firm
steady  stable
steely  like steel
steep  sloping sharply
stellar  involving stars
stepwise  arranged in steps
stereophonic  broadcasting through 2 speakers
sterile  free from infective organisms
sterling  of sterling silver
stern  strict
sticky  covered in something gluey
stiff  rigid
stiffer  not supple
still  not moving
stilted  not fluent
stingy  not generous
stirring  causing emotional reaction
stochastic  random
stocky  broad and strong-looking
stodgy  unimaginative
stolid  not excitable
stony  covered with stones
storied  decorated with historical scenes
stormbound  shut in by storm
stormy  affected by or subject to storms
stout  thickset or heavy
straight  not curved
straightforward  truthful and easy to understand
strange  unexpected or odd
strapping  robust
strategic  typical of strategy
stray  lost or homeless
strenuous  taxing
stressful  producing stress
strict  severe in maintaining discipline
striking  very attractive
stringy  fibrous
striped  with stripes
strong  physically powerful
stronger  physically powerful
strongest  physically powerful
structural  relating to structure
stubborn  unreasonably determined
stubby  short and stocky
stuck  jammed or caught
studious  inclined to study
stuffy  airless
stumpy  short and thick
stunning  outstandingly good
stupendous  impressively great
stupid  regarded as unintelligent
stupidest  regarded as unintelligent
sturdy  well made
stylish  sophisticated and fashionable
stylistic  relating to style
Adjectives that start with s u
suave  charming
subatomic  less than atom
subconscious  existing unknown in mind
subdued  not harsh
subject  prone to
subjective  not impartial
sublime  beautiful
sublunary  between Moon and Earth
submarine  underwater
submissive  ready to submit to others
subnormal  lower than normal
subordinate  of lesser rank
subsequent  later
subservient  too eager to obey
subsidiary  of lesser importance
substantial  considerable
substantive  with practical importance
subtle  slight
subtler  slight
suburban  relating to suburb
suburbanite  inhabitant of suburbs
subversive  designed to overthrow government
succeeding  achieve intention
successful  having achieved wealth, fame, or power
successive  following in sequence
succinct  brief and to point
such  of particular kind
sudden  happening quickly and unexpectedly
sufficient  enough
suggested  refer somebody or something for consideration
suggestive  conjuring up ideas or images
suitable  right for purpose
sulky  angrily silent
sullen  hostilely silent
sultry  hot and damp
sultry  attractive in a sexy way
sumptuous  splendid
sunbaked  hardened by sun
sundry  various
sunken  submerged
sunny  full of sunshine
super  excellent
superb  excellent
supercilious  contemptuously indifferent
supercritical  highly critical
superficial  not profound
superfluous  more than necessary
superhuman  beyond human capability
superior  higher in quality
superlative  excellent
superlunary  beyond Moon
supernatural  not of natural world
supersonic  capable of exceeding speed of sound
superstitious  believing in superstitions
supine  lying on back
supplementary  additional
supporting  secondary
supportive  giving support
supposed  accepted as true but doubtful
supranational  multinational
supreme  above all others
sure  definitely true
surface  used on surface
surgical  of surgery
surly  bad-tempered
surplus  additional to requirements
surreptitious  trying to avoid being noticed
susceptible  easily affected
suspect  suspicious
suspicious  arousing suspicion
Adjectives that start with s v
svelte  slim and graceful
Adjectives that start with s w
swank  grand
swanky  high-class
swart  with dark complexion
swarthy  with dark complexion
sweaty  damp with sweat
swedish  of Sweden
sweet  tasting or smelling of sugar
sweet  kind, thoughtful and pleasant
sweeter  better
sweetest  best
swell  good
sweltering  oppressively hot
swift  happening fast
swiftest  acting fast
swiss  of Switzerland
Adjectives that start with s y
sylvan  of forest
symbolic  representing something else
symmetrical  exhibiting symmetry
sympathetic  feeling or showing sympathy
symphonic  of or like musical symphony
symptomatic  characteristic
synchronous  occurring simultaneously
synonymous  having same meaning
syntactic  of syntax
syntactical  conforming to rules of syntax
synthetic  made by chemical process
syrupy  resembling syrup
systematic  done methodically
systemic  of system
Adjectives starting with