Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with r a
rabid  fanatical
racial  existing between races
rackety  rowdy
racy  mildly indecent
radial  spreading from center outward
radiant  showing happiness
radical  basic
radioactive  emitting radiation
raffish  charmingly unconventional or disreputable
ragged  tattered
rainy  with lot of rain
rakish  dashingly stylish
rambunctious  unruly
rampant  occurring unchecked
random  without pattern
rangy  slim and long-limbed
rank  utter
rapid  swift
rapt  completely engrossed
rare  infrequent or unusual
rash  thoughtless and impetuous
ratable  able to be rated
rational  reasonable and sensible
ratty  messy
raucous  unpleasantly loud
ravenous  hungry
raw  uncooked
rawboned  bony

Adjectives that start with r e
reactionary  opposed to progress
readable  legible
ready  prepared for something
real  physically existing
realistic  practical
rear  back
reasonable  rational
reassuring  alleviating anxiety
rebellious  opposing or defying authority
recalcitrant  resisting authority
recent  having happened not long ago
receptive  willing to accept
recipient  receiving
reciprocal  given by each side
reckless  without thought of danger
recoilless  with reduced recoil
recondite  understood only by experts
recreational  not for work
rectangular  shaped like rectangle
rectilinear  with straight lines
recumbent  lying
recurrent  occurring again
recursive  self-repeating
red  of color of blood
reddish  colored shade of red
redemptive  bringing redemption
redheaded  with red hair
redundant  superfluous
reedy  full of reeds
reflective  thoughtful
refractive  relating to refraction
refractory  uncontrollable
refreshing  restoring energy
regal  royal
regional  relating to region
regrettable  causing shame or sorrow
regular  having equal times or spaces between
related  associated
relational  involving relationship
relative  comparative
relativistic  moving close to speed of light
relaxed  experiencing no strain or tension
relentless  ceaseless and intense
relevant  connected
reliable  dependable
religious  relating to religion
reluctant  not eager
remaining  still left
remarkable  worthy of notice
remedial  acting as remedy
reminiscent  resembling something or somebody else
remorseless  without compassion
remote  far away
remunerative  paying money
renal  relating to kidneys
renewable  not likely to run out
renewed  happening or beginning again
renowned  famous
rental  for rent
repetitious  full of repeated material
repetitive  repeated in action
replete  amply or fully equipped
reprehensible  deserving to be censured
representative  characteristic
repressive  severely restrictive
reproductive  involving production of new organisms
republican  supporter of republic as government
repugnant  offensive
repulsive  very unpleasant
reputable  with good reputation
required  necessary
resentful  annoyed
resident  living in a place
residential  relating to housing
residual  left over
resistant  resisting
resistive  electrically resistant
resolute  having determination
resonant  deep in sound
resounding  clear and emphatic
resourceful  ingenious and enterprising
respectable  morally above reproach
respectful  showing respect
respective  relating separately to each one
respiratory  relating to breathing
resplendent  dazzling
responsible  answerable to somebody
responsive  showing positive response
restful  providing rest
restive  uneasy
restless  constantly moving
restorative  giving new strength
restrictive  tending to limit
resultant  resulting from
resulting  caused by something
resurgent  rising again
retentive  able to retain something
retinal  in retina
retired  no longer working
retrograde  moving backward
return  connected with going back again
revealing  showing body
reverent  respectful
reverse  opposite to usual or previous arrangement
reversible  able to be reversed
revolting  provoking disgust
revolutionary  of political revolution
rewarding  satisfying

Adjectives that start with r h
rhenish  from Rhineland
rhetorical  of effective use of language
rheumatic  of rheumatism
rhythmic  with recurring pattern
Adjectives that start with r i
ribald  coarse and funny
rich  wealthy
richer  wealthy
richest  wealthy
rickety  unstable
rid  empty of something
ridiculous  unreasonable
right  correct
righteous  strictly observant of morality
rightful  having claim
rigid  firm and stiff
rigorous  strict, harsh, or unrelenting
riotous  unrestrained
ripe  ready to eat
rising  getting more important
ritual  following pattern
ritzy  expensively stylish
rival  competing
Adjectives that start with r o
robust  strong and healthy
rockbound  surrounded by rocks
rocky  with rocks
rococo  in style of rococo
rolling  undulating
roman  in or of upright typeface
romantic  involving sexual love
roomy  spacious
rootless  lacking bond with people
rose  reddish pink
rosy  rose-colored
rotten  decayed
rotund  corpulent
rough  not smooth or flat
roughshod  wearing spiked horseshoes
round  circular or spherical
roundabout  indirect
rousing  inciting emotion
routine  usual or standard
rowdy  unruly
royal  of kings and queens
Adjectives that start with r u
rubbery  tough or elastic
rubicund  rosy
ruddy  rosy with health
rude  ill-mannered
rudimentary  basic
rugged  with irregular surface
ruinous  damaging
ruling  in power
rumanian  somebody from Romania
runaway  out of control
running  flowing
run-down  exhausted
rural  outside city
russet  reddish brown
russian  of Russia
rustic  of country lifestyle
rustproof  treated to inhibit rust
rusty  corroded
ruthless  being without pity
Adjectives starting with