Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with p a
painful  causing pain
painless  causing no pain
painstaking  careful and detailed
palatable  pleasant-tasting
pale  having little color
palladian  neoclassical
palliative  soothing
pallid  pale
palpable  intense
paltry  insignificant
papal  relating to pope
papery  resembling paper
parallel  resembling each other
paramagnetic  lying parallel to magnetic field
paramilitary  military in style
paramount  greatest
paranoid  distrustful
paranormal  impossible to explain scientifically
parasitic  living in or on another organism
parasympathetic  of parasympathetic nervous system
paraxial  close to optical axis
parched  dry
parental  of parents
parliamentary  of parliaments
parochial  narrow-minded
parsimonious  frugal
partial  incomplete
particular  one out of several
particulate  of particles
partisan  showing unreasoning support
passable  acceptable
passing  going past
passionate  showing sexual desire
passive  not actively taking part
past  elapsed
pastoral  rural
pasty  unhealthily pale
patent  clear or obvious
pathetic  pitiful
pathogenic  causing disease
pathological  extreme
patient  capable of waiting
patriarchal  characteristic of rule by men
patristic  of Christian Fathers
payable  requiring payment

Adjectives that start with p e
peaceable  disposed toward peace
peaceful  quiet and calm
peaked  having peak
pearly  resembling pearl
peculiar  unusual
pedantic  too concerned with formal rules and details
pedestrian  dull
peerless  without equal
pelvic  of pelvis
penal  of punishment
pending  not yet taken care of
penetrating  able or tending to penetrate
penitent  feeling regret for sins
penniless  without any money
pensive  deeply thoughtful
pentecostal  emphasizing Holy Spirit
penultimate  second to last
penurious  poor
peppery  containing pepper
perceptible  detectable
perceptive  quick to understand
perceptual  relating to perception
percussive  like impact
peremptory  dictatorial
perennial  lasting over 2 years
perfect  without faults
perfunctory  done routinely
perilous  very dangerous
periodic  occasional
peripheral  at edge
periphrastic  using periphrasis
perishable  spoiling easily
perky  lively and cheerful
permanent  everlasting
permian  geologic period
permissible  permitted
permissive  allowing freedom of behavior
pernicious  causing serious harm
perpendicular  at right angles
perpetual  lasting forever
persistent  continuing despite problems
personal  relating to somebody's private life
persuasive  able or tending to persuade
pert  amusingly bold
pertinent  relevant
peruvian  of Peru
pervasive  present everywhere
perverse  inexplicably irrational
pestilent  deadly
petite  small and delicately built
petty  insignificant
petulant  sulky

Adjectives that start with p h
pharmaceutical  relating to drugs
phenomenal  remarkable
philanthropic  charitable and generous
philippine  of Philippines
philosophical  relating to study of philosophy
phobic  intensely fearful of something
phonemic  of phonemes
phonetic  of speech sounds
phonic  using phonics
phony  not genuine
photochemical  of photochemistry
photogenic  looking attractive in photographs
photographic  of photography
photosensitive  reacting to incident electromagnetic radiation
physical  of body
physicochemical  of physics and chemistry
physiochemical  organized in molecules producing transformations
physiological  of organism's function
Adjectives that start with p i
picayune  trifling
pictorial  of pictures
picturesque  visually attractive
piecemeal  gradually
pink  colored pink
pious  religious
piquant  spicy or salty
piteous  deserving pity
pithy  brief and to point
pitiable  evoking compassion
pitiful  arousing pity
pitiless  without mercy
pituitary  of pituitary gland
pivotal  vitally important
Adjectives that start with p l
placid  calm in nature or appearance
plain  clearly visible
plaintive  sad-sounding
planar  of geometric plane
planetary  involving planets
plano-concave  flat one side, concave other
plastic  made of plastic
platonic  not involving sexual relations
plausible  believable
playful  enjoying fun and games
pleasant  enjoyable
pleased  happy or satisfied
pleasing  appealing
plebeian  of Roman plebs
plenary  attended by everyone
plentiful  abundant
pliable  flexible
pliant  supple
plucky  brave
plump  slightly overweight
plush  luxurious
Adjectives that start with p o
poetic  relating to poetry
poignant  causing sadness or pity
pointed  ending in point
pointless  without purpose or benefit
poised  ready to act
poisonous  containing or producing poison
polar  of or near Earth's poles
polish  of Poland
polite  well-mannered
politic  prudent
political  concerned with party politics
polycrystalline  with random crystals
polynomial  with more than two terms
pompous  self-important
ponderous  moving heavily
pontifical  of pontiff
poor  not rich
popular  appealing to general public
populous  highly populated
pornographic  portraying sex explicitly
porous  permeable
port  on left
portable  easily moved around
portentous  significant
portly  slightly overweight
positive  sure
possessive  demanding exclusivity
possible  able to happen
postal  relating to post office
posterior  behind
posthumous  after somebody's death
postwar  after war
potent  strong and effective
potential  possible but as yet not actual
powerful  influential
powerless  lacking power
Adjectives that start with p r
practicable  capable of being done
practical  concerned with matters of fact
pragmatic  concerned with practical results
prayerful  praying frequently
precarious  unsafe
precious  valuable
precise  exact or detailed
precision  relating to exactness or accuracy
precocious  mentally advanced for age
preconscious  relating to preconscious
predictable  happening as expected
predictive  of forecasting outcome
predominant  most common
prefab  manufactured in sections
preferable  more desirable
preferential  showing favoritism
pregnant  carrying offspring within body
prehistoric  before recorded history
prejudicial  resulting in harm
preliminary  coming before something
preliterate  without written language
premarital  before marriage
premature  happening too soon
premier  best or most important
premium  high-quality
preparative  done as preparation
preparatory  introductory
prepared  willing
preposterous  outrageous or absurd
prepubescent  relating to period before puberty
presbyterian  relating to administration by presbyters
preschool  under school age
prescriptive  making or adhering to regulations
present  currently happening
presentable  fit to appear in public
presidential  relating to president
pressing  urgent
presumptuous  rude or arrogant
pretentious  self-important and affected
pretty  with pleasant face
prevalent  found frequently
preventive  with purpose of preventing something
previous  coming before somebody or something
prewar  before war
priceless  impossible to put value on
pricey  expensive
prickly  with small sharp spikes
priestly  done by priests
prim  prudish
primal  original
primary  most important
prime  first in importance
primeval  ancient and original
primitive  first
principal  primary
printable  able to be published
prior  earlier
pristine  immaculate
private  kept secret or restricted
privileged  enjoying special advantages
pro  professional
probable  likely
problematic  difficult
prodigal  extravagantly wasteful
prodigious  sizable
productive  producing much
profane  irreverent
professional  of profession
proficient  very skilled
profitable  lucrative
profound  great
profuse  volubly expressed
progressive  favoring reform
prohibitive  too expensive for most people
projective  made by projection
prolific  highly productive
prominent  well-known
promising  showing likelihood of success
prompt  done immediately
prone  disposed to something
proper  correct
prophetic  correctly predicting
propitious  favorable
proportional  in proportion
proportionate  in proportion
prosaic  lacking imagination
prospective  likely to be something
prosperous  financially successful
prostrate  lying flat on face
protective  giving protection
proud  pleased and satisfied
prouder  pleased and satisfied
proudest  pleased and satisfied
proverbial  expressed as proverb
providential  of providence
provincial  of province
provisional  temporary or conditional
provocative  making people angry or excited
proximal  nearer center of body
proximate  probable
prudent  having good sense
prudential  resulting from prudence
prurient  marked by unwholesome sexual interest
Adjectives that start with p s
pseudo  not genuine
psychedelic  relating to hallucinogenic drugs
psychiatric  of psychiatry
psychic  of human mind
psychoactive  affecting mood or behavior
psychological  of psychology
psychosomatic  mentally induced
psychotic  affected by psychosis
Adjectives that start with p t
ptolemaic  of astronomer Ptolemy
Adjectives that start with p u
pubescent  at puberty
public  concerning all the people
puckish  mischievous or naughty
puerile  silly
puffy  swollen
puissant  strong
pulmonary  relating to lungs
pumped  excited and eager
pungent  strong smelling or strong tasting
punitive  of or as punishment
puny  small and weak
pure  not mixed
purest  not mixed
puritan  strictly moral
puritanical  strictly moral
purple  of dark red-blue
purposeful  determined
purposive  useful
pursuant  chasing
purtiest  with pleasant face
pushing  ambitious
pushy  unpleasantly competitive or forceful
puzzled  slightly mystified
puzzling  somewhat mystifying
Adjectives starting with