Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with o a
oafish  unintelligent and clumsy
oaken  made of oak
Adjectives that start with o b
obedient  doing as told
obese  overweight
objectionable  causing disapproval
objective  free of bias
obligational  only existing in one environment
oblique  indirect
oblivious  unaware
oblong  elongated
obnoxious  objectionable
obscene  indecent
obscure  hard to understand
obsequious  submissive
observable  noticeable
observant  attentive
obsessive  resembling obsession
obsolescent  becoming obsolete
obsolete  not used any more
obstinate  stubborn
obtainable  available
obvious  easy to see

Adjectives that start with o c
occasional  infrequent
occidental  western
occipital  of back of head
occlusive  of occlusion
occupational  relating to work
oceanic  in or from ocean
ocular  relating to eyes or eyesight
Adjectives that start with o d
odd  unusual
odious  hateful
Adjectives that start with o f
offbeat  unconventional
offensive  upsetting, insulting, or irritating
offhand  unconcerned and uncaring
official  of government or authority
officious  meddlesome and interfering
offshore  blowing from land to water
Adjectives that start with o i
oily  covered with oil
Adjectives that start with o k
ok  passable
okay  allowable
Adjectives that start with o l
old  having lived long
olden  from past
older  having lived long
oldest  having lived long
olympian  enormous
olympic  of Olympic Games

Adjectives that start with o m
ominous  threatening
omniscient  all-knowing
Adjectives that start with o n
oncoming  approaching
one  unique
onerous  difficult
onetime  former
only  single person or thing
ontological  of ontology
Adjectives that start with o p
opalescent  shimmering with milky colors
opaque  not transparent or translucent
open  not closed or locked
operable  surgically treatable
operatic  of opera
operational  able to be used
operative  in effect
opinionated  unwilling to change strongly held opinions
opportune  fitting or fortunate
opportunistic  taking advantage of opportunities
opposite  on facing side
oppressive  dominating harshly
optical  of vision
optimal  best
optimistic  with positive attitude
optimum  best
optional  not compulsory
opulent  lavish
Adjectives that start with o r
orbital  of orbits
orchestral  for orchestras
orderly  well-behaved
ordinary  common
organic  of living things
orgiastic  of orgies
oriental  relating to East Asia
original  first
ornate  excessively decorative
ornery  irritable
orphic  relating to poems of Orpheus
orthodox  following traditional doctrine
orthographic  relating to spelling
orthopedic  relating to orthopedics
orthorhombic  relating to crystals with three axes
Adjectives that start with o s
osseous  bony
ossified  harden into bone
ostensible  seeming to be true or genuine, but open to doubt
ostentatious  rich and showy
Adjectives that start with o t
other  further
otherworldly  of mystical world
Adjectives that start with o u
outboard  on outside of boat
outdoor  concerned with open air
outer  on outside
outgoing  leaving or going out
outlandish  very peculiar
outlying  remote
outmoded  old-fashioned
outrageous  excessive
outright  total
outside  slight
outspoken  candid
outstanding  conspicuously excellent
outward  visible
outworn  no longer current
Adjectives that start with o v
oval  egg-shaped
over  finished
overactive  too active
overage  too old for something
overall  end to end
overbearing  bossy
overblown  exaggerated
overdue  late or delayed
overhand  made with hand raised over shoulder
overhead  positioned directly above
overjoyed  very pleased
overnight  occurring at night
overseas  relating to place across sea
oversize  unusually large
overt  unconcealed
overweight  too heavy for good health
overwhelming  extremely large
overwrought  very upset
oviform  egg-shaped
Adjectives that start with o w
own  emphasizes possession
Adjectives starting with