Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with m a
macabre  horribly gruesome
machiavellian  cunning
macho  stereotypically masculine
mad  angry
maddening  infuriating
magenta  of purplish pink
maggoty  full of maggots
magic  of or for magic
magical  produced by magic
magisterial  showing great dignity and authority
magnanimous  very generous, kind, or forgiving
magnetic  having power of magnet
magnificent  beautiful
main  principal
majestic  impressive
major  of high standing
makeshift  substituting
maladaptive  poorly adapted or adapting
maladjusted  behaving awkwardly in social settings
maladroit  showing lack of skill or tact
male  producing sperm
malevolent  wanting to cause harm
malicious  deliberately harmful
malign  harmful or evil
malleable  able to be shaped and bent
malnourished  poorly or wrongly fed
mammoth  very large
managerial  relating to manager
managing  administer or run something
mandatory  compulsory
manic  relating to mania
manifest  obvious
manifold  many and various
manipulative  using clever, devious ways to control somebody or something
manly  conventionally typical of man
mannered  affected
mantic  prophetic
manual  using hands
many  considerable number
marginal  in margin
marine  of sea
marital  of marriage
marked  noticeable
marketable  suitable for selling
married  having spouse
martial  warlike
martian  of planet Mars
marvellous  amazingly impressive
marvelous  amazingly impressive
masculine  of men and boys
massive  bulky
master  main
masterful  expert
masterly  brilliantly skilled
matching  be like somebody or something
matchless  unrivaled
material  physical
materialistic  focusing on material things
maternal  of or like mother
mathematical  of mathematics
matrimonial  of marriage
mature  acting or seeming like adult
maudlin  sentimental
mawkish  sentimental
maximal  constituting maximum
maximum  greatest possible

Adjectives that start with m e
meager  unsatisfactorily small
mean  unkind
meanest  unkind
meaningful  with meaning
meaningless  without meaning
measly  very little and pointless
measurable  able to be measured
meaty  containing or tasting of meat
mechanical  machine-operated
mechanistic  like machine
medical  involving medicine
medicinal  capable of treating illness
medieval  of Middle Ages
mediocre  average
medium  neither large nor small
meek  mild
meekest  cowed
melancholy  feeling or causing sadness
mellow  soft in color or tone
melodic  consisting of melody
melodious  pleasing to hear
melodramatic  exaggeratedly theatrical
melted  change from solid to liquid state
melting  sweet and tender
memorable  worth remembering
memorial  commemorative
mendacious  telling lies
menial  unskilled
mental  relating to mind
merciful  showing mercy
merciless  lacking mercy
mercurial  lively and unpredictable
mere  that and nothing more
merest  by itself
meretricious  superficially attractive
meritorious  showing merit
merriest  lively and cheerful
merry  delightful
messy  dirty or disordered
metabolic  of metabolism
metallic  containing or being metal
metamorphic  of metamorphosis
metaphysical  relating to metaphysics
meteoric  very fast or brilliant
methodical  systematic
methodist  relating to Methodist Church
meticulous  precise and painstaking
metrical  relating to poetic meter
metropolitan  forming large city
mettlesome  courageous

Adjectives that start with m i
microscopic  very small
mid  in the middle
middle  central and equidistant from limits
mighty  strong and powerful
migratory  moving to another region every year
mild  gentle and amiable
militant  aggressive
military  of war or armed forces
milky  milk-colored
mimetic  imitating something
mindful  aware
mindless  boring
mingy  stingy
miniature  smaller than usual
minimal  very small
minimum  lowest possible
ministerial  relating to clergy
minor  small
minute  very small
miraculous  regarded as caused by supernatural intervention
mirthless  not glad or amused
miscellaneous  composed of varied things
mischievous  playfully naughty or troublesome
miserable  very unhappy
miserable  very unhappy
miserly  greedy for money
misshapen  having undesirable shape
missing  absent
missionary  of or like missionary
misty  covered in mist
mitral  relating to bishop's miter
mixed  consisting of various things
Adjectives that start with m o
mobile  moving easily
mock  imitation
modal  expressing grammatical mood
moderate  small or slight
modern  belonging to present day
modest  humble
modish  fashionable
modular  involving modules
moist  damp
molal  of given strength
moldy  with mold
molecular  relating to molecules
molten  melted
momentary  very brief
momentous  highly significant
monastic  of monks, nuns, or monasteries
monaural  hearing with just one ear
monetary  relating to money
moneyed  rich
monkish  relating to monks
monoclinic  with 3 unequal axes
monodisperse  containing particles of uniform size
monolithic  in form of large stone block
mononuclear  with single nucleus
monophonic  using one channel to reproduce sound
monotone  with unvarying quality
monotonous  repetitious and uninteresting
monstrous  shocking and morally unacceptable
monthly  happening each month
monumental  large
moody  unpredictably grumpy or gloomy
moonlit  brightened by moonlight
moorish  of Moors
moot  arguable
moral  involving right and wrong
morbid  interested in gruesome subjects
morose  gloomy
mortal  human
mosaic  relating to Moses
moslem  followers of Islam
motherly  maternal
motionless  still
motive  causing motion
motley  made up of different types
mountainous  having mountains
mournful  feeling sad
mousy  dull brown
movable  easily moved
moving  arousing emotion
Adjectives that start with m u
muddled  mix things together in disorder
muddleheaded  confused
muddy  marked with mud
muggy  very humid
multichannel  using or having several channels
multicolor  of different colors
multicolored  of different colors
multidimensional  with more than three dimensions
multilateral  involving several parties
multiple  involving several things
multipurpose  with several uses
multitudinous  very numerous
mum  silent
mundane  ordinary
municipal  of municipality
murderous  likely to murder
murky  gloomy
muscular  of muscles
musical  of or for music
muslim  followers of Islam
mute  not speaking
mutual  felt by each
Adjectives that start with m y
myeloid  of bone marrow or spinal cord
myocardial  of heart wall
myopic  having myopia
myriad  too numerous to count
mysterious  unknown
mystic  with divine meaning
mystical  of mysticism
mythic  typical of myth
mythological  in myths
Adjectives starting with