Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with l a
labile  changeable
labored  showing effort
laborious  needing effort
labour  workers collectively
lackadaisical  without enthusiasm
lacking  without something necessary
lacy  made of lace
laden  heavily loaded
ladylike  polite and dignified
lame  walking unevenly
lamentable  disappointingly bad
languid  without energy
lanky  gangling
laodicean  uncommitted
large  very big
larger  of tall heavy build
largest  very big
last  most recent
lasting  permanent
late  after expected time
latent  hidden
latest  newest
latin  of Latin
laughable  ridiculously inadequate
laureate  deserving honor
lavish  abundant
lawful  authorized by law
lawless  unregulated
lax  not strict
lay  not belonging to clergy
lazy  not wanting to work

Adjectives that start with l e
leaded  containing lead
leaden  dull and gray
leading  prominent
leafiest  with many leaves
leafy  with many leaves
leaky  leaking
lean  without excess fat
learned  highly educated
leathery  resembling leather
legal  law-related
legendary  belonging to legend
leggy  with long legs
legislative  relating to lawmaking
legitimate  legal
leguminous  of legume plant family
leisurely  slow and relaxed
lengthwise  along longest side
lengthy  long or too long
lenient  not harsh
lesser  not as big or important
lethal  deadly
level  not sloping
lewd  indecent
lexical  of words
Adjectives that start with l i
liable  responsible
libelous  false and harmful to somebody's reputation
liberal  broad-minded
libertarian  of Libertarian Party
lifeless  dull
lifelike  true to life
lifelong  lasting for life
light  full of brightness
lighter  full of brightness
lightest  full of brightness
lighthearted  happy and relaxed
lightweight  not heavy in weight or texture
like  alike
likeable  pleasant and friendly
likely  probable
lilliputian  tiny
limber  supple and agile
limbic  of or near limbus
limited  with limit imposed
limitless  apparently without limit
limp  flexible
limpid  clear
limping  walk unevenly
lineal  of direct lineage
linear  relating to lines
linguistic  of language
liquid  consisting of liquid
listless  weary and uninterested
literal  following basic meaning
literary  relating to literature
literate  able to read and write
lithe  flexible and supple
little  small
littlest  small
liturgical  of liturgy
livable  comfortable
live  living
lively  full of energy
livid  furious
living  alive

Adjectives that start with l o
loath  reluctant
loathsome  repulsive
local  in nearby area
lofty  very high
logical  sensible and based on facts
logistic  relating to symbolic logic
logistical  relating to transporting of things
lone  solitary
lonelier  feeling alone
loneliest  feeling alone
lonely  feeling alone
lonesome  sad from being alone
long  extending considerable distance
longer  extending considerable distance
longest  extending considerable distance
longing  showing yearning
longitudinal  running lengthwise
longstanding  existing for long time
longsuffering  patiently enduring
loose  not firmly attached
loosest  not firmly attached
lopsided  sloping
loquacious  talkative
lordly  arrogant
lost  unable to find way
loud  high in volume
louder  high in volume
loudest  high in volume
lousy  louse-infested
loutish  acting badly
lovable  worthy of love
loveliest  beautiful and pleasing
lovelorn  wretched from love difficulties
lovely  beautiful and pleasing
loving  showing affection
low  close to ground
lowdown  inside information
lower  below something
lowest  without great height
lowliest  low in status
lowly  simple and modest
loyal  faithful
Adjectives that start with l u
lucid  rational
luckier  fortunate
lucky  bringing good fortune
lucrative  profitable
ludicrous  absurdly ridiculous
lukewarm  warm
lumbar  relating to lower back
luminous  light-emitting
lumpish  moving awkwardly
lumpy  with lumps
lunar  relating to moon
lunatic  thoughtless
lurid  horrifying or shocking
luscious  sweet and juicy
lush  growing vigorously
lustrous  shining
lusty  strong and healthy
lutheran  relating to Lutheranism
luxuriant  lush
luxurious  comfortable and expensive
Adjectives that start with l y
lying  recline
lyric  expressing personal feelings
lyrical  gushingly complimentary
Adjectives starting with