Adjectives starting with Ka
    kaputno longer working
    Kafkaesqueoverly complex
    kaleidoscopicrelated to a complex set of events
    Adjectives starting with Ke
    keenvery good (He showed keen interest in our company)
    keyvery important (He is a key member of Obama's cabinet)
    Adjectives starting with Kh
    khakihaving brownish yellow color (He wore khaki pants)
    Adjectives starting with Ki
    kidyounger (He is my kid brother)
    killerexcellent (It is a killer application and sold a million)
    kinrelated ( I am kin to him through my grandfather)
    kindhaving a gentle or generous nature
    kindheartedhaving a gentle or generous nature
    kindredclosely related
    kinestheticrelated to bodily movement
    kineticrelating to motion
    kinkybehaving in an unusual way
    kinglyroyal or grand
    king-sizevery big
    kissablevery attractive (She has kissable lips)
    kitschycheap and low quality, but popular
    kittenishbehaving in a lively and playful way
    Adjectives starting with Kl
    klutzyclumsy and awkward
    Adjectives starting with Kn
    knee-deepas high as knee (We waded through knee-deep snow)
    knightlyrelating to knights
    knobbynot smooth or regular
    knottedtied in knots
    knottydifficult or complicated
    knowingindicating special knowledge
    knowledgeablehaving lot of knowledge
    Adjectives starting with Ko
    koreansomeone from Korea
    kosherfood made as per Jewish dietary laws
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