Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with j a
jacksonian  of Andrew Jackson
jacobean  of James I
jaded  bored
jagged  pointy
jaunty  carefree
jazzy  showy
Adjectives that start with j e
jealous  envious
jeffersonian  relating to Thomas Jefferson
jerky  irregular
jewish  of Judaism
Adjectives that start with j i
jittery  nervous
Adjectives that start with j o
jobless  unemployed
jocose  fond of joking
jocular  fond of joking
jocund  jolly
joint  done together
jolly  friendly and cheerful
jovial  cheerful
joyful  feeling or showing joy
joyous  expressing joy

Adjectives that start with j u
jubilant  triumphantly joyful
judicial  relating to judges
judicious  sensible and wise
juiciest  succulent
juicy  succulent
jumpy  jittery
junior  relating to youth or childhood
juridical  relating to law
just  fair and impartial
justifiable  able to be justified
juvenile  youthful
Adjectives starting with