Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with i c
icky  sticky
icy  ice-covered
Adjectives that start with i d
ideal  best
identical  alike in every way
idiomatic  characteristic of native-speaker use
idle  not working or in use
idyllic  serenely beautiful and happy
Adjectives that start with i g
igneous  formerly molten
Adjectives that start with i l
iliac  relating to ilium
ill  unwell
illegal  against law
illegitimate  born out of wedlock
illicit  illegal
illiterate  uneducated
illogical  unreasonable
illuminating  shedding light on subject
illusive  imaginary
illusory  imaginary
illustrative  serving to illustrate
illustrious  extremely distinguished

Adjectives that start with i m
imaginary  in mind
imaginative  skilled at visualizing or thinking originally
imitative  attempting to copy something
immaculate  clean
immanent  within something
immaterial  not relevant
immature  not fully developed
immeasurable  vast or huge
immediate  without pause or delay
immemorial  ancient
immense  huge
imminent  about to occur
immoderate  excessive
immodest  boastful
immoral  defying moral principles
immortal  never dying
immovable  unable to be moved
immutable  unchanging or unchangeable
impartial  not biased
impassable  impossible to use
impassioned  expressing strong feelings
impassive  expressionless
impatient  annoyed at waiting
impeccable  perfect
impenetrable  impossible to get in or through
imperative  necessary
imperceptible  tiny
imperfect  faulty
imperial  of empire or emperor
imperious  arrogant
imperishable  that will not decay
impersonal  not personalized
impertinent  brash
imperturbable  consistently calm
impervious  not responsive
impetuous  acting impulsively
impious  showing lack of religious respect
implacable  impossible to appease
implicit  implied
impolite  rude
impolitic  unwise
imponderable  not measurable
important  having value or significance
imported  bring something in from abroad
impossible  not possible
impotent  sexually unable
impoverished  make somebody or something poor
impracticable  not possible
impractical  not workable
imprecise  vague
impressed  affect or please somebody greatly
impressionistic  undetailed
impressive  causing admiration and respect
improbable  difficult to believe
impromptu  done spontaneously
improper  unsuitable
improved  stronger or healthier
impudent  rude
impulsive  inclined to act on sudden urges

Adjectives that start with i n
inaccessible  difficult to get to
inaccurate  not correct
inactive  not taking action
inadequate  not enough or not good enough
inadvertent  resulting from carelessness
inadvisable  not advisable
inalienable  impossible to take away
inane  silly
inanimate  dead or inert
inapplicable  not applicable
inappropriate  not appropriate
inapt  not suitable
inarticulate  expressing yourself poorly
inattentive  careless
inaudible  impossible to hear
inaugural  relating to inauguration
inboard  located inside boat's hull
inborn  innate
incalculable  too great to measure
incandescent  glowing with heat
incapable  lacking necessary ability
incarnate  made human
incautious  careless
incessant  unceasing
incestuous  relating to or involving incest
incident  related to something
incidental  related or accompanying
incipient  beginning to develop
incisive  quick to understand
inclement  not pleasant or mild
inclined  motivated to do something
inclusive  including many things
incoherent  lacking clarity or organization
incoming  arriving
incomparable  unequaled in quality
incompatible  unable to cooperate or coexist
incompetent  bad at doing something
incomplete  lacking part
incomprehensible  beyond understanding
inconceivable  unimaginable
inconclusive  not decisive
incongruous  unsuitable or odd
inconsequential  unimportant
inconsiderable  small
inconsistent  containing conflicting or contradictory elements
inconspicuous  not obvious
incontestable  indisputable
incontrovertible  undeniable
inconvenient  causing difficulties
incorrect  erroneous
incorrigible  impossible to change
incorruptible  incapable of being corrupted
increased  larger
incredible  beyond belief
incumbent  obligatory
incurable  impossible to cure
indebted  in debt
indecent  offending public moral standards
indecipherable  illegible or incomprehensible
indecisive  unable to decide
indefatigable  untiring
indefensible  permitting no excuse
indefinable  incapable of definition
indefinite  unlimited
indelible  impossible to remove or alter
indelicate  tactless or offensive
independent  not controlled by another
indescribable  impossible to describe
indestructible  impossible to destroy
indeterminate  not known exactly
indian  relating to India
indicative  indicating existence or truth
indifferent  without care or interest
indigenous  belonging to a place
indigent  extremely poor
indigestible  difficult to digest
indignant  angry at unfairness
indirect  not in straight line
indiscreet  carelessly tactless
indiscriminate  unselective
indiscriminating  without discrimination
indispensable  necessary
indistinct  unclear
indistinguishable  very like somebody or something else
individual  separable from others
individualistic  independent thinker
indivisible  not separable
indolent  lazy
indomitable  unconquerable
indoor  in a building
indubitable  not to be doubted
indulgent  permissive or kind
industrial  of industry
industrious  working diligently
ineffable  indescribable
ineffective  not producing desired result
ineffectual  incompetent or indecisive
inefficient  badly organized
ineligible  not eligible
ineluctable  inevitable
inept  unable to handle job
inert  motionless
inescapable  inevitable
inevitable  unavoidable
inexact  not precise
inexcusable  unpardonable
inexhaustible  everlasting
inexorable  unstoppable
inexpensive  cheap
inexpert  without skill
inexplicable  incomprehensible
inexpressible  indescribable
inextricable  impossible to escape from
infallible  not erring
infamous  notorious
infant  just beginning
infantile  childish
infectious  communicable
inferior  lower in standing
infertile  sterile
infinite  not measurable
infinitesimal  tiny
infirm  not strong
inflammatory  provocative
inflexible  unbending
influential  able to influence
informal  free of ceremony
informative  giving information
infrared  of infrared radiation
infrequent  not happening often
ingenious  inventive
inglorious  shameful
ingratiating  seeking to please somebody
inharmonious  discordant
inherent  basic
inhospitable  not welcoming
inhuman  very cruel
inhumane  not compassionate
inimical  not favorable
iniquitous  utterly harmful and wrong
initial  coming at start
injured  hurt somebody or something
injurious  causing injury
inland  not near coast or border
innate  present from birth
inner  near or closer to center
innermost  most central
innocent  not guilty
innovative  new and creative
innumerable  countless
inoperable  too far advanced for effective surgery
inopportune  badly timed
inorganic  not animal or vegetable
inquisitive  inquiring
insane  legally considered as psychiatrically disordered
insatiable  always wanting more
inscrutable  mysterious
insecure  not confident
insensitive  thoughtless
inseparable  always together
inshore  near the coast
inside  within organization
insidious  gradual and harmful
insignificant  without importance
insincere  hypocritical
insipid  dull
insistent  persistent
insolent  disrespectful
insoluble  not dissolvable
inspiring  generating enthusiasm or creativity
instant  immediate
instantaneous  happening immediately
instinctive  involuntary
instructive  informative
instrumental  making something happen
insubordinate  disobedient or rebellious
insubstantial  small and weak
insufficient  inadequate
insulting  hurtful and offensive
insuperable  unable to be overcome
insurgent  rebellious
insurmountable  too great to overcome
intact  not damaged
intangible  nonmaterial
integral  necessary or constituent
integrated  combined or composite
intellectual  relating to thought process
intelligent  mentally able
intelligible  understandable
intense  extreme
intensive  concentrated
intent  with fixed attention
intentional  deliberate
intercontinental  between continents
interdependent  depending on each other
interested  curious or concerned
interesting  arousing curiosity or attention
interglacial  period between ice ages
interim  having temporary effect
interior  located inside
intermediary  mediating
intermediate  being in between
interminable  seemingly endless
intermittent  irregular
internal  located inside
international  involving several countries
internationalist  favoring international cooperation
interpersonal  of relationships between people
interstate  occurring between states
interstellar  occurring between stars
interstitial  relating to gaps
intimate  close
intolerable  impossible to bear
intolerant  refusing to accept differences
intractable  difficult to deal with
intramural  within school or institution
intranasal  in or into nose
intrepid  fearless
intricate  with many parts artfully combined
intrinsic  basic and essential
introductory  giving foretaste
introspective  examining feelings
intrusive  appearing where unwelcome
intuitive  known automatically
invalid  flawed
invaluable  very useful
invariable  never changing
invariant  unchanging
inventive  skilled at inventing
inverse  opposite or reversing
investigative  specializing in investigating
inveterate  habitual
invincible  unbeatable
inviolable  unbreakable
inviolate  unaltered
invisible  impossible to see
invitational  open only to those invited
inviting  suggesting pleasure
involuntary  compelled
involved  complicated
invulnerable  unable to be hurt
inward  inside
Adjectives that start with i o
ionic  relating to charged atoms or groups
Adjectives that start with i r
irate  very angry
irish  of Ireland
irksome  annoying
iron  made of iron
ironic  involving irony
irrational  lacking in reason
irreconcilable  incompatible
irredeemable  without hope of improvement
irreducible  incapable of being decreased
irregular  not of uniform appearance
irrelevant  not applicable
irremediable  incapable of being remedied
irreparable  not repairable
irresistible  overpowering
irresolute  incapable of deciding
irresolvable  impossible to resolve into component parts
irresponsible  not caring
irreverent  disrespectful
irreversible  incapable of reversal
irrevocable  impossible to revoke
irritable  easily annoyed
irritating  annoy somebody
Adjectives that start with i s
isolated  remote
isotonic  of muscle tension and contraction
isotropic  having direction-independent properties
Adjectives that start with i t
itinerant  traveling on job
Adjectives starting with