Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with h a
habitable  fit to live in
habitual  done as habit
hackneyed  ordinary and unimaginative
haggard  tired-looking
hairy  covered with hair
halcyon  tranquil
half  partial
halfhearted  with little enthusiasm
halfway  midway between
hallowed  sanctified
halting  containing frequent stops
handicapped  physically or mentally challenged
handier  useful
handiest  convenient
handmade  made by hand
handsome  good-looking
handsomer  good-looking
handsomest  handsomest
handy  useful
hanging  punishable by death
hanoverian  of house of Hanover
haphazard  unplanned
hapless  unlucky
happier  feeling pleasure
happiest  feeling pleasure
happy  feeling pleasure
hard  not easily bent
hardboiled  cooked until firm
harder  not easily bent
hardest  not easily bent
hardworking  working industriously
hardy  robust
harmful  damaging
harmless  not dangerous
harmonic  produced by harmony
harmonious  showing accord
harrowing  upsetting
harsh  difficult to endure
harsher  difficult to endure
hasty  done in hurry
hateful  spitefully malevolent
haughty  condescending
haunting  evoking sadness
hazardous  of potential danger

Adjectives that start with h e
head  chief in rank
headless  without head
heady  exhilarating
healthful  beneficial to health
healthier  in good condition
healthiest  in good condition
healthy  in good condition
heartbreaking  extremely distressing
heartening  encourage
heartfelt  deeply felt
heartiest  sincere and enthusiastic
heartless  unfeeling
hearty  sincere and enthusiastic
heavenly  of heavenly
heavenward  directed toward the sky
heavier  weighing a lot
heaviest  weighing a lot
heavy  weighing a lot
hebraic  of Hebrews
hebrew  of Hebrew
hectic  constantly busy and hurried
heedless  not paying attention to something
hefty  powerfully built
heliocentric  with Sun central
hellenic  of ancient Greece
hellish  of hell
helluva  very notable
helpful  providing help
helpless  needing help
hereditary  transmitted genetically
hermetic  airtight
heroic  courageous
hesitant  not quick or confident
hessian  of Hesse
heterogeneous  consisting of dissimilar parts
heterozygous  having genetic variants

Adjectives that start with h i
hidden  deliberately concealed
hideous  horrible to see
high  of great height
higher  of great height
highest  of great height
highfalutin  pretentious
hilarious  very amusing
hind  at back
hindmost  farthest back
hip  fashionable
hissing  whisper loudly
historic  significant in history
historical  formerly existing or happening
Adjectives that start with h o
hoarse  sounding rough
holistic  analyzing whole system of beliefs
hollow  not solid
holy  consecrated
homebound  confined to home
homeless  with no home
homely  not good-looking
homemade  made at home
homeric  of Homer
homesick  unhappy and longing for home
homicidal  intending or likely to commit murder
homogeneous  of same kind
homozygous  having two identical genes
honest  morally upright
honorable  having personal integrity
honorary  awarded as honor
hopeful  having hope
hopeless  with no hope of success
horizontal  level
horned  with horns
horrible  very unpleasant
horrid  nasty
hospitable  treating visitors well
hostile  very unfriendly
hot  very warm
hotter  very warm
hottest  very warm
hourly  happening each hour
Adjectives that start with h u
huge  enormous
hulking  huge
human  of people
humane  compassionate
humanitarian  caring
humble  modest
humdrum  dull
humid  damp
humorous  funny
hungrier  wanting to eat
hungry  wanting to eat
hurried  over-hasty
hushed  with little or no sound
husky  burly and compact in physique
Adjectives that start with h y
hydraulic  driven by fluid
hydrophilic  having affinity for water
hydrophobic  afraid of water
hydrostatic  of fluids at rest
hydrous  containing water
hyperbolic  of hyperbola
hypnotic  of sleep or hypnosis
hypocritical  falsely claiming high principles
hypodermic  involving area beneath skin
hypothetical  involving ideas or possibilities
hysterical  affected by hysteria
Adjectives starting with