Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with g a
gabby  talking incessantly
gainful  profitable
galactic  relating to galaxy
gallant  courteous
galling  exasperating
galvanic  relating to chemically produced direct current
gamy  tasting of or like game
gangling  awkwardly tall and thin
gaping  large as opening
gargantuan  huge
garish  gaudy
garrulous  talking too much
gaseous  talking too much
gassy  full of gas
gastric  of stomach
gastrointestinal  of stomach and intestines
gauche  socially awkward
gaudy  showy
gaunt  thin
gaussian  of Gauss
gawky  ungainly
gay  attracted to same sex

Adjectives that start with g e
general  overall
generous  kind
genetic  of genes
genial  kind
genteel  well-mannered
gentile  not Jewish
gentle  kind
genuine  real
geocentric  having Earth at its center
geographic  relating to geography
geographical  relating to geography
geometric  relating to geometry
geometrical  relating to geometry
georgian  of 1714 to 1830 in Britain
geriatric  relating to senior citizens
german  closely related
germane  relevant
germanic  of Germanic
germinal  of reproductive cells
Adjectives that start with g h
ghastly  horrifying
ghostly  like ghost
Adjectives that start with g i
giant  very big
giddy  dizzy
gifted  talented
gigantic  very big
gilt  covered with gilt
gingerly  very cautious
girlish  of girls
given  particular

Adjectives that start with g l
glad  delighted
glamorous  artificially good-looking
glandular  relating to glands
glassy  smooth and slippery
gleaming  bright and clean-looking
glib  slick
global  worldwide
gloomy  murkily dark
glorious  exceptionally lovely
glossy  shiny and smooth
glottal  of glottis
glutinous  sticky
Adjectives that start with g n
gnarled  knotted and twisted
Adjectives that start with g o
goddam  expression of strong feeling
goddamn  expression of strong feeling
godless  without God or god
godlike  as if divine
godly  devout
golden  colored like gold
good  of high quality
gooey  sticky
goofy  with the right foot forward
gorgeous  beautiful
gothic  uncivilized
governing  group regulating activity
Adjectives that start with g r
graceful  elegant and beautiful
gracious  kind and polite
gradient  sloping
gradual  happening slowly
graduate  past bachelor's degree
grammatical  in grammar
grand  outstanding
grandiose  pretentious and pompous
granular  made up of grains
graphic  vividly detailed
grassy  grass-covered
grateful  feeling or expressing thanks
gratifying  please
gratis  free
gratuitous  unnecessary
grave  serious in manner
graven  fix something in mind
graver  carving tool
gravid  carrying offspring within body
gray  of color of ash
greasy  thick with grease
great  impressively large
greater  impressively large
greatest  impressively large
grecian  in ancient Greek style
greedy  strongly desiring more than required
greek  of Greece
green  grass-colored
greenest  grass-colored
gregarious  friendly
grey  of color of ash
grieving  experience intense sorrow
grievous  very serious
grim  unpleasant
grimmer  unpleasant
grisly  repugnant or horrible
gritty  resolute
grizzled  streaked with gray
groggy  weak or dizzy
groovy  excellent
gross  without deductions
grotesque  distorted
groundless  not justified
growing  increasing
grubby  dirty
gruesome  horrifying
gruff  surly   grumpy  in bad mood
Adjectives that start with g u
guarded  wary
gubernatorial  of governor
guileless  naive and trusting
guiltless  not to blame
guilty  responsible for wrongdoing
gullible  easily duped
gummy  sticky like gum
gusty  blowing in gusts
guttural  gruff-sounding
Adjectives that start with g y
gymnastic  involving gymnastics
Adjectives starting with