Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with f a
fabled  legendary
fabulous  amazing
facaded  visible surface
faceless  unidentified individually
facial  on face
facile  easy to do
factual  containing facts
faded  gradually become less bright or loud
faint  dim
faintest  dim
fair  reasonable or unbiased
fairest  reasonable or unbiased
faithful  unwavering in belief
fake  not genuine
fallacious  containing mistaken belief
fallible  tending to err
fallow  left unseeded after plowing
false  incorrect
famed  famous
familial  common to families
familiar  often encountered
famous  very well known
fanatical  extremely enthusiastic
fanciful  imaginary
fancy  not plain
fantastic  excellent
far  distant
farfetched  unconvincing
farthest  most distant
fascinating  captivating
fashionable  currently popular
fast  acting or moving rapidly
faster  acting or moving rapidly
fastest  acting or moving rapidly
fastidious  demanding
fat  overweight
fatal  leading to death
fateful  with highly significant consequences
fatherly  like a father
fatty  containing fat
fatuous  unintelligent
faultless  perfect
faulty  with faults
favorable  approving
favorite  most liked
favourable  approving
favourite  most liked

Adjectives that start with f e
fearful  worried
fearless  courageous
fearsome  frightening
feasible  possible
feathery  resembling feathers
featureless  lacking distinctiveness
febrile  relating to fever
fecund  fertile
federal  made up of allies
feeble  physically or mentally weak
feigned  pretend something
felicitous  appropriate
feline  of cat family
fell  move downward
fellow  being in same group
felonious  relating to felony
female  of women
feminine  conventionally associated with women
ferocious  fierce
ferromagnetic  displaying ferromagnetism
fertile  able to produce offspring
fervent  showing passionate enthusiasm
festive  relating to celebration
fetching  good looking
fetid  nauseating
feudal  relating to feudalism
fevered  affected by fever
feverish  having fever
few  limited number
fewer  limited number

Adjectives that start with f i
fibrous  consisting of fibers
fickle  changeable
fictitious  false
fictive  relating to fiction
fiendish  diabolical
fierce  aggressive
fiercest  aggressive
fiery  glowing hot
figurative  not literal
filial  of children to parents
filipino  of the Philippines
filmy  light and airy
filthy  extremely dirty
final  last
financial  connected with money
fine  very well or satisfactory
finer  very well or satisfactory
finest  very well or satisfactory
finicky  fussy
finite  limited
finnish  of Finland
firm  not yielding to touch
first  before rest in order
fiscal  of the public treasury
fit  appropriate
fitful  in bursts
fittest  appropriate
fitting  suitable
fixed  secure
Adjectives that start with f l
flagrant  scandalous
flaky  made of flakes
flamboyant  showy
flammable  able to catch fire
flashy  ostentatiously stylish
flat  level and horizontal
flattest  level and horizontal
flawless  perfect
flaxen  pale grayish yellow
fleet  moving quickly
fleeting  passing
flemish  of Flanders
fleshy  plump
flexible  able to bend without breaking
flimsy  not strong
flippant  not taking something seriously enough
flirtatious  indicating sexual liking for somebody playfully
floppy  hanging limply
floral  relating to flowers
florentine  of Florence
florid  of ruddy complexion
flowery  pompously literary
fluent  able to speak with ease
fluffy  soft and light
fluid  flowing
fluorescent  capable of fluorescing
flush  level
fluttering  wave gently
flyaway  fine and light
flying  capable of or in flight
Adjectives that start with f o
focal  principal
foggy  filled with fog
folksy  friendly
following  next
fond  feeling affection
fonder  feeling affection
fool  unintelligent and not sensible
foolhardy  bold but reckless
foolish  not sensible
foolproof  designed to function despite human error
forceful  powerful
fore  at front
foregoing  previously mentioned
foreign  of another country
foremost  chief
forensic  crime-solving
forgetful  absent-minded
forgiving  inclined to forgive
forlorn  lonely and miserable
formal  official
formative  influential
formidable  difficult to deal with
formulaic  expressed as formula
forthcoming  future
forthright  outspoken
fortunate  lucky
forward  ahead
foster  providing or receiving parental care
foul  disgusting
Adjectives that start with f r
fractional  slight
fractious  irritable and complaining
fragile  easily broken
fragmentary  consisting only of fragments
fragrant  sweet-smelling
frail  physically weak
frailest  physically weak
frank  expressing true opinion
franker  expressing true opinion
frankest  expressing true opinion
frantic  out of control emotionally
freakish  very unusual
free  costing nothing
freehand  without drawing aids
freezing  very cold
frenetic  frenzied and frantic
frenzied  wildly excited or out of control
frequent  occurring often
fresh  not stale
fretful  worried
freudian  relating to Freud
friable  crumbly
friendlier  affectionate and trusting
friendly  affectionate and trusting
frightened  make or become afraid
frightening  make or become afraid
frightful  very serious
frigid  very cold
frivolous  not worth taking seriously
front  at front
frontal  at or in front
frosty  very cold
frothier  full of foam
frothy  full of foam
frowzy  messy
frozen  with ice
fruitful  bearing much fruit
fruitless  unsuccessful
frustrating  thwart somebody or something
Adjectives that start with f u
fugitive  running away
full  filled to capacity
fuller  filled to capacity
fullest  filled to capacity
fumbling  grope clumsily
fun  amusing
functional  practical
fundamental  basic
fungal  from fungus
funnier  comical
funniest  comical
funny  comical
furious  infuriated
furry  covered in fur
further  additional
furtive  secretive
fusiform  spindle-shaped
fussy  concerned with minor things
fusty  stale-smelling
futile  in vain
future  yet to occur
futuristic  ahead of times
fuzzy  covered with fuzz
Adjectives starting with