Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with ea
eager  enthusiastic and excited about doing something
eared  with ears of a particular type
earlier  before expected time
earliest  before expected time
early  before expected time
earnest  serious and solemn
earsplitting  very loud
earthly  characteristic of physical world
earthy  like soil
easier  not difficult
easiest  not difficult
eastern  situated in east
easy  not difficult
easygoing  relaxed, informal, and tolerant
eatable  fit to be eaten
Adjectives that start with eb
ebullient  lively and enthusiastic
Adjectives that start with ec
eccentric  unconventional
ecclesiastical  of a church
eclectic  varied
economic  of economy or economics
economical  resourcefully frugal
economy  effectiveness
ecstatic  delighted
ecumenical  concerning Church unity

Adjectives that start with ed
edentulous  toothless
edgy  on edge
edible  able to be eaten
editorial  of editing
educated  well taught
educational  instructive or informative
Adjectives that start with ee
eerie  unnerving
Adjectives that start with ef
effective  producing result
effectual  potentially effective
effeminate  overrefined and lacking strength
effete  decadent
efficacious  able to effect something
efficient  well organized
effortless  done with no effort
effusive  unrestrained in expressing feelings
Adjectives that start with eg
egocentric  selfish
Adjectives that start with ei
eidetic  able to recall with startling accuracy
Adjectives that start with el
elaborate  complex
elastic  made of elastic
elated  make somebody very happy
elder  born earlier
elderly  past middle age
eldest  born first
electoral  relating to elections
electric  involving or caused by electricity
electrical  involving application of electricity
electrifying  exciting and riveting
electronic  using valves, transistors, or silicon chips
electrostatic  relating to static electricity
elegant  stylish and graceful
elegiac  mournful
elemental  fundamental
elementary  rudimentary
elephantine  slow and heavy
elfin  of or like elves
eligible  qualified
elite  richest, best, or most powerful
elizabethan  relating to reign of Elizabeth I
elliptical  like ellipse
eloquent  speaking or spoken beautifully and forcefully
elusive  hard to find

Adjectives that start with em
emaciated  very thin
embarrassed  self-conscious
embarrassing  making somebody feel self-conscious
emblematic  symbolic
embryonic  in an early developmental stage
emergent  new
emeritus  retired but retaining a professional title
eminent  of high standing
emotional  expressing emotion
emphatic  with emphasis
empirical  based on observation and experiment
emptier  containing nothing
empty  containing nothing
Adjectives that start with en
enchanted  delight somebody
enchanting  delight somebody
encouraging  give somebody hope or confidence
encyclopedic  embracing broadly inclusive range of knowledge
endearing  causing fond feelings
endless  seeming without end
endogenous  without external cause
endothermic  warm-blooded
energetic  forceful
engaging  charming
english  of English
engrossing  occupying attention
enigmatic  hard to understand
enjoyable  providing pleasure
enlightening  give information to somebody
enormous  unusually large
enterprising  showing initiative
entertaining  amusing or interesting
enthralling  fascinating
enthusiastic  showing excited interest
entire  whole
entitled  grant somebody right
enviable  highly desirable
envious  wanting what somebody else has
environmental  of the natural world
Adjectives that start with ep
ephemeral  short-lived
epic  of epic poetry
epigenetic  of external origin
epigrammatic  like an epigram
epileptic  concerning epilepsy
episcopal  of bishops
Adjectives that start with eq
equable  calm
equal  identical
equatorial  of equator
equidistant  equally distant
equipotent  with equal potential at all points
equitable  fair
equivalent  equal
equivocal  ambiguous
Adjectives that start with er
erect  straight and vertical
erotic  arousing sexual feelings
erratic  inconsistent
erroneous  incorrect
erudite  very knowledgeable through study
Adjectives that start with es
esoteric  restricted to initiates
essential  necessary
established  thriving
esthetic  beautiful
estimated  calculate something roughly
Adjectives that start with et
eternal  existing through all time
ethereal  exquisite
ethical  conforming to accepted standards
ethnic  sharing cultural characteristics
Adjectives that start with eu
euphoric  ecstatic
eurasian  of Europe and Asia
european  of Europe
Adjectives that start with ev
evaluative  determined by assessment
evanescent  fleeting
evangelical  of Protestant churches emphasizing personal salvation
evasive  avoiding an issue
even  not sloping, rough, or irregular
eventual  ultimate
everlasting  lasting for ever
everyday  ordinary and unremarkable
evident  obvious
evidential  of evidence
evil  morally bad
evocative  stimulating memories of the past
evolutionary  of evolution
Adjectives that start with ex
exact  correct
excellent  extremely good
exceptional  outstanding
excess  more than enough
excessive  more than is acceptable
exciting  causing excitement
exclusive  high-class
excruciating  extremely painful
executive  of policymaking
exempt  not subject to something
exhaustive  complete
exhilarating  make somebody feel happy and alive
existent  real
existential  relating to human existence
existing  present
exorbitant  unreasonably high or large
exothermic  producing heat
exotic  strikingly different
expansive  extensive
expectant  excitedly anticipating something
expected  confidently believe something
expedient  appropriate
expeditious  speedy or prompt
expendable  not worth preserving
expensive  costing a lot
experienced  having knowledge gained from experience
experiential  based on experience
experimental  relating to something new and untried
expert  skillful or knowledgeable
explanatory  explaining something
explicable  explainable
explicit  clear and obvious
exploratory  involving exploration
explosive  likely to explode
exponential  rapidly growing
express  done or traveling very quickly
expressionless  showing no emotion
expressive  full of expression
exquisite  finely beautiful
extant  existing
extended  made longer or larger
extensive  large in amount
exterior  on outside
external  outside
extinct  having no living members
extra  more than usual
extralegal  not permitted by law
extramarital  outside marriage
extraneous  not relevant
extraordinary  unusually excellent or strange
extraterrestrial  outside Earth
extravagant  spending too much
extreme  great or intense
exuberant  full of enthusiasm
exultant  joyful
Adjectives starting with