Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with d a
daffy  silly
daily  done every day
dainty  pretty
damaging  causing harm
damn  used to express annoyance
damp  moist
dandy  excellent
dangerous  likely to cause harm
danish  of Denmark
dank  damp and cold
dapper  trim
dark  not light or lit
darker  not light or lit
darkest  not light or lit
darkling  lacking clarity
darling  dearly loved
dashing  stylish
dauntless  unaccustomed to fear
daytime  of or for daytime
dazzling  very bright
Adjectives that start with d e
dead  no longer alive
deadliest  causing death
deadly  causing death
deadpan  purposely impassive
deaf  hard of hearing
deafening  very loud
dear  beloved
dearer  beloved
dearest  beloved
debatable  subject to argument
debilitating  weakening
debonair  elegant
decadent  in decline
deceased  dead
deceitful  deliberately misleading
decent  moral
deceptive  misleading
decisive  settling something
declamatory  dramatic
declarative  stating something
decorative  attractive
decorous  seemly
deductible  allowable against tax
deductive  of deduction
deep  down from surface
deeper  down from surface
deepest  down from surface
deeply  intensely
defeated  beat competitor
defective  faulty
defenseless  unprotected
defensible  able to be protected
defensive  quick to justify
defiant  disobedient
deficient  lacking
definite  clear
definitive  conclusive and final
deft  quick and skillful
defunct  not operating now
deliberate  intentional
delicate  fragile
delicious  good to eat
delightful  very pleasing
delinquent  antisocial or unlawful
delirious  irrational through illness
delphic  relating to Delphi
deluxe  of luxurious standard
demanding  effort-intensive
democratic  with equal participation by all
demographic  of human populations
demoniac  resembling demon
demonic  of or resembling demon
demonstrable  easily shown to be so
demure  easily shown to be so
dense  tightly packed
dental  of dentistry
departmental  relating to department
dependable  reliable
dependent  needing something
deplorable  extremely unacceptable
deprecatory  critical
depressed  sad
depressing  causing sadness
deranged  make somebody irrational
derogatory  disparaging
descriptive  being description
deserving  qualified or eligible to receive something
desirable  worthy of desire
desirous  wanting something
desolate  empty
desperate  despairing
despondent  discouraged
destitute  lacking necessities of life
destructive  destroying
desultory  passing from one thing to another
detailed  containing or emphasizing details
determinable  capable of being determined
determinate  limited
determinative  acting to determine
determined  with fixed purpose
deterministic  relating to determinism
detestable  worthy of being hated
detrimental  harmful
developed  wealthy and industrialized
developing  unindustrialized
deviant  different from traditional norm
devilish  sinister or cruel
devious  secretive and calculating
devoid  lacking
devoted  loving and committed
devout  very religious
dextrous  physically skillful

Adjectives that start with d i
diabetic  having diabetes
diabolical  of devil
diachronic  concerning historical development
diagnostic  for identifying illnesses or problems
diagonal  slanting or oblique
dialectical  achieved by dialectic
diametric  opposite
diaphanous  transparent
diatomic  having two atoms per molecule
dictatorial  imposing will on others
didactic  with message
diehard  stubbornly resistant to change
different  unlike something or somebody else
differential  of differences
difficult  hard to do
diffuse  spread through
digestible  easily digested
digestive  relating to digestion
digital  representing data as numbers
diligent  persistent and hard-working
dilute  thinned
dim  not well lit
diminutive  very small
dingy  dark
dionysian  orgiastic
diplomatic  involving diplomacy
dire  very bad
direct  not stopping or deviating
directional  relating to direction
dirty  not clean
disabled  unable to perform particular activities
disaffiliated  end connection of subsidiary
disagreeable  unpleasant
disappointed  not satisfied
disappointing  not good enough
disastrous  calamitous
disciplinary  relating to enforcement and punishment
discoid  disc-shaped
disconcerting  causing somebody to feel uneasy
discontented  unhappy
discontinuous  having gaps or breaks
discouraging  causing loss of hope or enthusiasm
discreet  tactful
discrete  completely separate
discretionary  giving somebody authority to decide
discriminating  recognizing distinctions and valuing quality
discriminatory  unfairly treating
disgraceful  very bad or unacceptable
disgusting  repellent and sickening
dishonest  not honest or truthful
disillusioned  show somebody mistaken belief
disinterested  impartial
disloyal  not faithful
dismal  depressing
disobedient  refusing to obey
disorderly  lacking order
disparate  very different
dispassionate  calmly objective
dispensable  not essential
disproportionate  unequal
disputable  possibly not true
disquieting  worrying
disreputable  not reputable
disruptive  disrupting something
dissimilar  not same
distal  away from point of attachment
distant  not physically close
distasteful  unpleasant
distinct  clearly different
distinctive  different from others
distinguished  recognized for excellence
distraught  extremely upset
distressing  upsetting
distributive  involving distribution
disturbed  anxious
diurnal  daily
divergent  moving apart
divers  several or many
diverse  consisting of different things
diversionary  diverting attention
divine  divine
divisible  able to be divided
divisive  causing disagreement
dizzy  unsteady and giddy

Adjectives that start with d o
docile  quiet and easy to control
doctrinaire  determined to use theory
documentary  giving facts
dogged  determined
dogmatic  expressing rigid opinions
doleful  sad
doltish  unintelligent
domestic  relating to home
dominant  in control
domineering  tyrannical or overbearing
dominican  of St. Dominic or his order
doric  in simple classical architectural style
dormant  not actively growing
double  being twice as much or many
doubtful  hesitant
dour  severe or unfriendly
down  made in part payment
downcast  sad
downhill  sloping down
downright  absolute
downstream  situated toward mouth of river
downtrodden  oppressed
downward  moving to lower place
downwind  with wind
Adjectives that start with d r
drab  lacking color or brightness
draconian  too harsh
drafty  windy and cold
dramatic  sudden and marked
drastic  powerful in effect
dread  feared
dreadful  extremely bad
dreamless  without dreams
dreamlike  like dream
dreamy  vague
dreary  dull and gloomy
dressy  elegant
drier  not wet
driving  falling hard
drowsy  almost asleep
drunk  intoxicated with alcohol
drunken  intoxicated
dry  not wet
Adjectives that start with d u
dual  having two similar elements
dubious  unsure about outcome
due  expected to arrive
dulcet  agreeable to hear
dull  boring
duller  boring
dullest  boring
dumb  unintelligent
duplex  twofold
duplicate  copy something
durable  able to last
dusky  dark-colored
dusty  full of dust
Adjectives that start with d y
dying  about to die
dynamic  vigorous and purposeful
dysfunctional  relating badly
dyspeptic  having indigestion
Adjectives starting with