Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with c a
cadaverous  extremely thin
cagey  cautious and secretive
caitiff  very bad
calamitous  extremely unfortunate
calculable  able to be calculated
calculating  scheming
callable  repayable on demand
callous  hardhearted
calm  not anxious
calmer  not anxious
calmest  not anxious
caloric  of heat
canadian  of Canada
candid  honest
cannibalistic  relating to cannibalism
canny  shrewdly knowing
cantankerous  easily angered and difficult to get along with
capable  doing something well
capacious  able to hold lot
capital  uppercase
capitalist  of capitalism
capricious  given to sudden changes
captious  overly critical
captivating  enchanting or irresistible
captive  unable to escape
cardiac  heart-related
cardinal  important
cardiovascular  relating to heart and blood vessels
carefree  without worries
careful  painstaking
careless  not giving careful attention
careworn  tired out from worry
caring  showing concern
carnal  relating to physical needs
carolingian  relating to early European kings
cartesian  relating to Descartes
carven  carved
casual  chance or unpremeditated
catalytic  increasing reaction rate
catastrophic  disastrous
catchy  memorable
categorical  absolute and explicit
catholic  all-inclusive
caucasian  white-skinned
causal  being or involving cause
causative  involving cause and effect
cautious  careful
cavernous  like cavern

Adjectives that start with c e
ceaseless  unending
celestial  heavenly
celiac  of abdomen
cellular  containing small parts or groups
celtic  of Celts
central  in middle
centric  at or as middle
cerebral  of front of brain
ceremonial  relating to formal occasions
certain  without doubt
cerulean  of deep blue
Adjectives that start with c h
chalky  containing or resembling chalk
challenging  demanding physical or psychological effort
changeable  likely to change
changing  become or make different
chaotic  disordered
characteristic  typical
chargeable  able to be charged
charitable  generous
charming  delightful or fascinating
chatty  fond of chatting
cheap  costing little
cheaper  costing little
cheerful  happy and optimistic
cheery  cheerful
chemical  relating to chemistry
cherry  excellent
chic  stylish
chief  most important
childish  somewhat like child
childless  having no children
childlike  having good qualities of child
chill  moderate coldness
chillier  moderately cold
chilly  moderately cold
chinless  lacking a projecting chin
chipper  cheerful
chirpy  cheerful and lively
chivalrous  relating to knighthood code
chockfull  completely full
choice  high-quality
choicest  high-quality
choleric  showing or tending to show anger or irritation
choosy  hard to please
choppy  rough, with many small waves
choral  performed by choir
chosen  selected
christian  from teachings of Jesus Christ
chromatic  using all semitones in octave
chromic  relating to chromium
chronic  long-lasting
chronological  in order of time
chubby  plump
chunky  with lumps
churchly  like or for church
churlish  characteristic of somebody with bad manners

Adjectives that start with c i
cinematic  appropriate to movies
circuitous  indirect
circular  shaped like circle
circulatory  of blood circulation
circumpolar  in polar regions
circumspect  prudent
citywide  involving entire city
civic  connected with city administration
civil  polite
civilian  nonsoldier
Adjectives that start with c l
clammy  cold and damp
clamorous  demanding attention
clandestine  secret
clannish  keeping within group
classic  top quality
classical  relating to ancient Greece or Rome
classless  lacking social classes
classy  stylish
clean  not dirty
cleaner  not dirty
clear  free from what dims
clearer  free from what dims
clerical  of office work
clever  showing intelligence
climactic  exciting
clinical  based on medical treatment or observation
cloistered  secluded
close  near
closed  not open for business
closer  near
closest  near
closeup  at close range
clothbound  with cloth-covered cover
cloudless  bright and clear
cloudy  with clouds
clumsy  moving awkwardly
Adjectives that start with c o
coarse  rough
coaxial  sharing axis
cockeyed  foolish
cockier  over-confident
cocky  over-confident
coercive  using force
cognitive  concerned with acquisition of knowledge
cognizant  knowing about something
coherent  logically or aesthetically consistent
cohesive  unified
coincidental  happening by chance
cold  at low temperature
colder  at low temperature
coldest  at low temperature
colicky  having colic
collectible  popular with collectors
collective  shared by all
collegiate  of college
colloquial  informal
colonial  relating to colony
colorful  with bright colors
colorless  without color
colossal  very large
coloured  of mixed ethnic origin
colourful  with bright colors
coltish  lively and energetic
combative  eager to fight
comely  good-looking
comfortable  relaxed
comic  funny
coming  happening soon
commendable  praiseworthy
commensurate  equal in size
commercial  relating to commerce
common  shared
commonplace  everyday
communal  shared
communicative  talkative
communistic  supporter of communism
compact  small and efficiently arranged
companionable  providing pleasant company
comparable  capable of being compared
comparative  compared with others
compassionate  showing sympathy
compatible  harmonious
compelling  holding attention
compensatory  serving to offset
competent  able
competitive  involving attempt to win
complacent  satisfied
complaisant  seeking to please
complementary  completing
complete  whole
complex  complicated
complicated  having many connected parts
complimentary  admiring
composed  calm
composite  compound
comprehensive  inclusive
compressive  compressing
compulsive  driven to do something
compulsory  necessary
concave  curved inward
conceited  too proud
conceivable  believable
concentric  with common middle point
concerned  anxious or worried
concerted  achieved or performed together
concise  short and clearly written or stated
conclusive  proving without doubt
concordant  harmonious
concrete  solid and real
concurrent  happening together
condescending  behaving toward other people as if you are superior to them
conditional  dependent on something else being done
conducive  helping something to happen
confident  self-assured
confidential  private and secret
conformist  socially acceptable
confused  unable to think intelligently
confusing  not understandable
congenial  agreeable
congenital  existing at birth
congregational  of congregations
congruent  in agreement
conjugal  relating to marriage
connective  linking
conscientious  painstaking
conscious  awake
consecutive  successive
consequent  following as result
consequential  resultant
conservative  reluctant to accept change
considerable  large
considerate  caring for other's feelings or needs
consistent  coherent
consonant  in agreement with something
conspicuous  easily visible
conspiratorial  betraying involvement in secret plot
constant  ever present
constitutional  in accordance with constitution
constricting  narrow
constructive  useful
consultative  involving consultation
consummate  supreme or perfect
consumptive  engaged in or causing consumption
contagious  able to be passed by contact
contemporary  of same time
contemptible  deserving contempt
contemptuous  showing or feeling contempt
content  quietly satisfied and happy
contiguous  adjoining
continental  relating to Earth's continents
continual  recurring very frequently
continuing  existing and likely to continue existing
continuous  unchanged or uninterrupted
contraceptive  of contraception
contractual  involving formal agreement
contradictory  inconsistent
contrary  conflicting
contributory  helping something happen
contrite  repentant
controlled  kept under control
controversial  causing argument
convenient  making life easier
conventional  socially accepted
conversant  having knowledge or experience
conversational  connected with conversation
convertible  capable of being converted
convex  outwardly curving
convincing  persuasive
convivial  pleasant
convulsive  jerky
cool  fairly cold
cooler  fairly cold
coolest  fairly cold
coolheaded  calm
cooperative  willing to help
coordinate  equal
copernican  of Copernicus
copious  abundant
cordial  hospitably warm
corinthian  of Corinth
corniest  unsophisticated
corny  unsophisticated
coronary  supplying or draining blood from heart
corporate  involving corporation
corporeal  concerning the physical body
correct  accurate
corresponding  consistent
corrosive  chemically destructive
corrupt  immoral or dishonest
cosmic  of whole universe
cosmopolitan  made up of diverse peoples
costive  constipated
costlier  expensive
costly  expensive
cosy  snug
counterfeit  forged
countless  very many
countrywide  throughout country
courageous  having no fear
courteous  polite and considerate
courtly  with refined manners
covert  secret
cowardly  not brave
coy  evasive
cozier  snug
cozy  snug
Adjectives that start with c r
crabbed  grouchy
crabby  grouchy
crack  excellent
crafty  cunning
craggy  rocky and steep
cranky  grouchy
crash  rapid and intensive
crass  thoughtless and vulgar
crassest  thoughtless and vulgar
craven  cowardly
crazy  ridiculous
cream  white with some yellow
creamy  like cream
creative  able to create
credible  believable
creditable  praiseworthy
credulous  gullible
creepy  unnerving through fear
crestfallen  downcast
criminal  punishable as crime
crisp  hard but easily broken
critical  not approving
crooked  with bent shape
cross  angry
crotchety  irritable
crucial  decisive
crude  unskillful
crudest  unskillful
cruel  merciless
cruelest  merciless
crumbly  easily crumbled
crummy  of little value
cryptic  ambiguous or obscure
cryptographic  relating to codes and secret writing
crystalline  resembling or being crystals
Adjectives that start with c u
cuban  relating to Cuba
cubic  three-dimensional
cuddly  nice to hold
cultural  of specific culture
cultured  educated and sophisticated
cumbersome  heavy or bulky
cumulative  gradually building up
cunning  crafty and deceitful
curative  capable of curing
curious  eager to know something
curly  with curls
current  existing now
cursory  very quick
curt  rudely brief
curvy  rounded
custodial  relating to legal custody
custom  made to order
customary  usual
cut  injured with something sharp
cute  attractive in childlike way
cutest  attractive in childlike way
Adjectives that start with c y
cylindrical  with shape of cylinder
cynical  distrustful of human nature
Adjectives starting with