Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with b a
back  located at rear
backward  toward rear
bacterial  connected with bacteria
bad  of poor quality
baffling  puzzling
baggy  loose
balanced  even-handed
bald  with hairless head
balding  going bald
baleful  threatening
ballistic  relating to projectiles
balmy  pleasantly mild
banal  dull and unoriginal
baneful  destructive
bankrupt  unable to pay debts
barbaric  cruel
barbarous  extremely cruel
barbed  with barbs
bare  lacking clothing
barefoot  without shoes on
barefooted  without shoes on
barest  lacking clothing
baronial  relating to baron
barren  bare of vegetation
base  lacking morals
baseless  untrue
bashful  shy
basic  most important
basophilic  taking basic stain
bass  deep in tone
bawdy  ribald
Adjectives that start with b e
beady  resembling bead
bearish  anticipating falling prices
beat  tired out
beatific  blissful
beauteous  beautiful
beautiful  pleasing to senses
bedraggled  wet, dirty, and messy
bedridden  confined to bed
beefy  muscular
beguiling  charming
beige  very pale brown
belated  late
belgian  of Belgium
believable  appearing true
belligerent  hostile or aggressive
beloved  adored
belowground  underground
benedictine  of St. Benedict
beneficial  having good effect
beneficient  doing good
benevolent  kind
benighted  unenlightened
benign  kindly
bent  curved
bereft  deprived
berserk  very angry
bespectacled  with eyeglasses
best  better than all others
bestial  inhuman
bestselling  bought by many
bewhiskered  with whiskers
bewildered  confuse somebody

Adjectives that start with b i
biblical  of Bible
bicameral  with two legislative chambers
biconcave  with two concave faces
biennial  two-yearly
bifocal  with two focal lengths
big  of great size
biggest  of great size
bilateral  involving two groups
bilinear  with two linear variables
bilingual  speaking two languages
bimolecular  of two molecules
bimonthly  occurring every two months
binding  obliging somebody to do something
binomial  having two names
biochemical  relating to biochemistry
biologic  of biology
biological  of living things
bipartisan  involving two political parties
biracial  of two races
birdlike  resembling a bird
bitter  strong and sharp in taste
bittersweet  both bitter and sweet
bizarre  grotesquely odd

Adjectives that start with b l
black  of darkest color
blackest  of darkest color
bland  insipid
blank  not marked
blasphemous  disrespectful of sacred things
blatant  offensively conspicuous
bleak  unwelcoming
bleary  seeing dimly
blind  unable to see
blissful  perfectly happy
blithe  cheerful and carefree
blocky  resembling block
blond  having light-colored skin
blonde  having light-colored skin
bloodiest  bloodstained
bloodless  without killing or violence
bloodshot  inflamed and red
bloody  bloodstained
blue  of color of sky
bluff  blunt but kind in manner
bluish  of color near to blue
blunt  not sharp
blunter  not sharp
Adjectives that start with b o
bodied  having particular body
bodily  physical
bogus  fake or deceitful
boiling  hot
boisterous  noisy, energetic, and rowdy
bold  fearless and adventurous
bolder  fearless and adventurous
boldest  fearless and adventurous
bombproof  able to withstand bombs
bony  having prominent bones
bookish  extremely fond of reading
bored  tired and impatient
boring  uninteresting
born  brought into life
botanical  of plants
bothersome  annoying
bottom  lowest
bottomless  very deep
bouffant  backcombed into full shape
bouncy  lively
boundless  limitless
bovine  of cattle genus
boxy  box-shaped
boyish  like boy
Adjectives that start with b r
brackish  salty
brainy  smart
brash  aggressively self-assertive
brassy  flashy and vulgar
brave  having or showing courage
braver  having or showing courage
bravest  having or showing courage
brawny  muscular
brazen  bold and unashamed
breakable  easily broken
breathless  unable to breathe properly
breathtaking  overwhelming
breathy  with sound of breathing
breezy  slightly windy
bridal  of brides or weddings
brief  not lasting long
briefer  not lasting long
briefest  not lasting long
bright  intelligent
brighter  more illuminated
brightest  excellently illuminated
brilliant  extremely bright or radiant
brimful  full to top
brisk  quick
brisker  quick
britannic  British
brittle  hard and breakable
broad  wide
broader  wide
broadest  wide
broke  having no money
broken  no longer whole
bronchial  relating to air passages
broody  ready to incubate eggs
brotherly  showing affection of brother
brown  brown in color
brutal  ruthless and cruel
brute  purely physical
Adjectives that start with b u
bubbly  cheerfully excited
bucolic  of countryside
buff  pale yellowish beige
bugeyed  with bulging eyes
builtin  integral
bulk  in large quantity
bulky  awkwardly large
bullish  expecting good stock market figures
bumptious  self-important
bumpy  uneven
buoyant  able to float
burdensome  difficult to bear
bureaucratic  administrative
burglarproof  protected against burglary
burly  stout and strong
burning  on fire
busier  occupied
busiest  occupied
bustling  busy
busy  occupied
buttery  like or of butter
buxom  with large breasts
Adjectives that start with b y
byzantine  very complex
Adjectives starting with